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Dependencias inversas para net-http-persistent Latest version of the following gems require net-http-persistent

elasticsearch-transport 7.16.3

Ruby client for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.

71.546.165 Descargas

faraday-net_http_persistent 2.0.1

Faraday adapter for NetHttpPersistent

43.770.002 Descargas

mechanize 2.8.4

The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize autom...

22.112.190 Descargas

azure-storage-common 2.0.4

Microsoft Azure Storage Common Client Library for Ruby

11.325.907 Descargas

page-object 2.3.1

Page Object DSL that works with both Watir and Selenium

11.036.399 Descargas

gh 0.18.0

multi-layer client for the github api v3

4.094.533 Descargas

rpush 7.0.0

The push notification service for Ruby.

2.801.591 Descargas

splitclient-rb 7.3.2

Ruby client for using split SDK.

2.186.063 Descargas

splitclient-rb 7.3.2

Ruby client for using split SDK.

2.186.063 Descargas

quickbooks-ruby 1.0.19

QBO V3 REST API to Quickbooks Online

1.725.314 Descargas

fluent-plugin-splunk-hec 1.2.9

A fluentd output plugin created by Splunk that writes events to splunk indexers over ...

1.686.565 Descargas

fluent-plugin-datadog 0.14.1

Datadog output plugin for Fluent event collector

1.485.386 Descargas

sauce 3.7.2

[DEPRECATED] A Ruby helper for running tests in Sauce Labs' browser testing cloud servi...

1.394.915 Descargas

fluent-plugin-logzio 0.0.21

Fluentd pluging ( for output to (

1.244.046 Descargas

rest 3.0.8

Rest client wrapper that chooses best installed client.

1.036.026 Descargas

csvlint 0.4.0

CSV Validator

841.806 Descargas

orchestrator_client 0.5.2

Simple Ruby client library for PE Orchestration Services

818.455 Descargas

telesign 2.2.4

TeleSign Ruby SDK

678.664 Descargas

fluent-plugin-loggly 0.0.9

Fluentd pluging ( for output to loggly (

574.471 Descargas

airrecord 1.0.7

Airtable client to make Airtable interactions a breeze

533.343 Descargas

sparql-client 3.2.0

Executes SPARQL queries and updates against a remote SPARQL 1.0 or 1.1 endpoint, ...

519.405 Descargas

stream-ruby 4.5.0

Ruby client for service

501.219 Descargas

link_thumbnailer 3.4.0

Ruby gem generating thumbnail images from a given URL.

401.312 Descargas

andpush 0.2.1

Android Push Notification in Ruby: simple, fast, high-quality client for FCM (Firebase ...

393.475 Descargas

algolia 2.2.2

A simple Ruby client for the REST API

273.308 Descargas

3scale_client 2.11.0

This gem allows to easily connect an application that provides a Web Service with the 3...

239.669 Descargas

kennel 1.104.0

Keep datadog monitors/dashboards/etc in version control, avoid chaotic management via UI

238.872 Descargas

rc-rest 4.0

Robot Co-op REST web services base class. This library makes it easy to implement REST-...

229.767 Descargas 1.0.235

The Ruby client.

207.795 Descargas

rapns 3.4.1

Professional grade APNs and GCM for Ruby

185.882 Descargas

Total de descargas 63.428.715

Para esta versión 9.892.468

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