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multi_rails 0.0.2

MultiRails by Relevance, Rob Sanheim - MultiRails lead == DESCRIPTION: MultiRails allows easy testing against multiple versions of Rails for your Rails specific gem or plugin. Use MultiRails to hook in Rails 2.0 testing in your continuous integration. Still working on Rails 2.0 support? Use MultiRails to see where your test suite falls down against the 2.0 preview releases of Rails. MultiRails was initially developed by members of Relevance while developing Streamlined against edge Rails. To see how Streamlined uses MultiRails, go to == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * easily test plugins/extensions using a require from your test_helper.rb and a require in your RakeFile * rake tasks to test against a specific version of Rails, or all versions of Rails available locally as Gems == TODOs: * enable multi_rails testing in a plain ole' Rails app -- this is difficult right now because of the Rails boot process * improve docs on how to override what files are required by multi_rails * test against Rails versions that are just checked out, and not installed via Gems == REQUIREMENTS: * Ruby 1.8.5 or higher * Rubygems * Rails 1.2.1 or higher * at least one copy of Rails installed via rubygems. == INSTALL:


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