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mongo_mapper 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require mongo_mapper

ramdiv-mongo_mapper_acts_as_tree 0.1.2

Port of the old, venerable ActsAsTree with a bit of a twist

29,145 下载

mongo_mapper_acts_as_versioned 0.3.4

Basic MongoMapper port of technoweenie's acts_as_versioned

28,713 下载

mm-carrierwave 0.0.2

Mongomapper ORM for Carrierwave

27,367 下载

importer 0.5.0

Define new objects or modifications of existing ones in external file (xml, csv, etc) a...

27,104 下载

ruby-imdb 0.7.3

Ruby IMDB Parsing Library

26,957 下载

mongo_mapper_ext 0.2.7

Extensions for MongoMapper

26,424 下载

streamit 0.0.8

Provide feed stream like feature to rails applications

26,176 下载

mm-attach-it 0.2.4

Attach files (images, videos, pdfs, txts, zips and etc) to a MongoMapper record. You ca...

25,719 下载


Mongo Mapper Parallel can perform MapReduce-like operations on an entire collection in ...

25,648 下载

smart_model 0.3.9

Gives you support to use MongoDB and MongoMapper in Rails apps

25,535 下载

mm-money 0.1.2

Handle money keys with MongoMapper.

24,775 下载

bigamy 0.2.2

Have associations between ActiveRecord objects and MongoMapper documents

24,665 下载

mongo_followable 0.3.2

Mongo Followable adds following feature to mongoid/mongo_mapper

24,365 下载

autosuggest-rb 0.1.6

This is a gem that wraps the AutoSuggest javascript plugin

23,824 下载

safubot 0.0.9

A friendly event-driven chatbot framework. Supports Twitter and XMPP.

23,353 下载

acts_as_mongo_taggable 0.2.2

A ruby gem for acts_as_taggable to mongo

22,290 下载

mongo_mapper_acts_as_list 0.3.4

This is a port of classic Rails' acts_as_list to Mongo Mapper. This Mongo Mapper plugin...

21,660 下载

edge-state-machine 1.0.1

Edge State Machine is a complete state machine solution. It offers support for ActiveRe...

21,534 下载

mongo_mapper_acts_as_tree 0.3.3

Port of classic Rails ActsAsTree for MongoMapper

20,753 下载

thorsson_carrierwave 0.4.12

* Updated support for right_s3 gem * RDoc Documentation {available at Rubyforge}[http:/...

20,539 下载

audited-mongo_mapper 4.2.2

Log all changes to your MongoMapper models

20,486 下载

voteable_mongo 0.9.3

Add up / down voting ability to Mongoid and MongoMapper documents. Optimized for speed ...

19,791 下载

denormalize_mm 0.4.1

Helpers to denormalize fields easily on mongo mapper models

19,782 下载

pathways 0.0.7

Helps your track the pathways in your app so that you can pave the cowpaths. Uses Mongo...

19,295 下载

machinist_mongomapper 1.0.0

Machinist adapter for MongoMapper

18,769 下载

mm-sluggable 0.3.1

Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to cache a slugged version of a field

17,590 下载

mm-sanitize 0.2.0

Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to sanitize strings before validation.

17,297 下载

mongo_sequence 1.0.1

Light-weight sequences for MongoDB, useful for auto-incrementing or counting. Works wi...

17,093 下载

mm-commentable 2.0.0

A very simple mongomapper plugin to make you models commentable

16,886 下载

mm-draft 0.1.12

A MongoMapper extension adding draft/publishing support

15,882 下载

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