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manageiq-style 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require manageiq-style

bundler-inject 2.0.0

bundler-inject is a bundler plugin that allows a developer to extend a project with the...

414,914 下载

more_core_extensions 4.3.1

MoreCoreExtensions are a set of core extensions beyond those provided by ActiveSupport.

388,079 下载

azure-armrest 0.13.0

This is a Ruby interface for Azure using the newer REST API. This is different than the...

350,159 下载

ffi-vix_disk_lib 1.2.0

Ruby FFI Binding to VMware VixDiskLib.

256,842 下载

manageiq-smartstate 0.8.1

ManageIQ SmartState Analysis

205,729 下载

vmware_web_service 3.0.0

A ruby interface to Vmware Web Services SDK

198,047 下载

activerecord-id_regions 0.3.1

ActiveRecord extension to allow partitioning ids into regions, for merge replication pu...

127,263 下载

manageiq-password 1.1.0

A simple encryption util for storing passwords in a database.

122,576 下载

manageiq-messaging 1.0.3

Client library for ManageIQ components to exchange messages through its internal messag...

116,516 下载

manageiq-loggers 1.0.0

Loggers for ManageIQ projects

114,422 下载

manageiq-postgres_ha_admin 3.1.3

ManageIQ Postgres H.A. Admin

96,741 下载

manageiq-appliance_console 7.0.2

ManageIQ Appliance Console

82,428 下载

pg-logical_replication 1.2.0

This gem provides a class with methods which map directly to the PostgreSQL DSL for log...

73,454 下载

manageiq-cross_repo 1.1.3

ManageIQ CrossRepo testing library

21,047 下载

wim_parser 1.0.1

Parser for the Windows Image Format (WIM)

19,764 下载

insights-loggers-ruby 0.1.12

Loggers for Insights ruby projects

8,389 下载

httpd_configmap_generator 0.3.2

The Httpd Configmap Generator

6,663 下载

下载总次数 42,717

这个版本 12,567

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.0.0