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sprockets 4.0.2

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

214.648.077 Descargas

graphql 1.11.2

A plain-Ruby implementation of GraphQL.

16.814.530 Descargas

mini_racer 0.3.1

Minimal embedded v8 engine for Ruby

8.130.155 Descargas

intercom 4.1.1

Intercom ( is a customer relationship management and messaging ...

6.927.163 Descargas

scout_apm 2.6.8

Monitors Ruby apps and reports detailed metrics on performance to Scout.

5.779.139 Descargas

derailed_benchmarks 1.7.0

Go faster, off the Rails

5.401.200 Descargas

globalize 5.3.0

Rails I18n de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord model/data translation.

5.237.521 Descargas

postgres_ext 3.0.1

Adds missing native PostgreSQL data types to ActiveRecord and convenient querying exten...

3.130.576 Descargas

client_side_validations 17.0.0

Client Side Validations made easy for your Rails 5 applications

2.277.980 Descargas

devise-security 0.14.3

An enterprise security extension for devise.

1.961.344 Descargas

coverband 4.2.7

Rack middleware to measure production code usage (LOC runtime usage)

1.892.730 Descargas

attr_extras 6.2.4

Takes some boilerplate out of Ruby with methods like attr_initialize.

1.300.380 Descargas

mini_histogram 0.1.3

It makes histograms out of Ruby data. How cool is that!? Pretty cool if you ask me.

1.170.808 Descargas

client_side_validations-simple_form 11.0.0

SimpleForm Plugin for ClientSideValidations

648.699 Descargas

subroutine 1.0.1

An interface for creating feature-driven operations.

580.751 Descargas

montrose 0.11.2

A library for specifying, quering, and enumerating recurring events for calendars in Ruby.

275.368 Descargas


A Language Server Protocol SDK

249.257 Descargas

client_side_validations-mongoid 10.0.0

Mongoid Plugin for ClientSideValidations

96.600 Descargas

maildown 3.2.0

Best practice is to send text/plain && text/html markdown works great for both, so why ...

93.116 Descargas

haml-i18n-extractor 0.5.9

Parse the texts out of the haml files into localization files

91.868 Descargas

party_foul 1.5.5

Auto-submit Rails exceptions as new issues on GitHub

76.720 Descargas

roku_builder 4.21.4

Allows the user to easily sideload, package, deeplink, test, roku apps.

64.100 Descargas

gitlab-derailed_benchmarks 1.6.1

Go faster, off the Rails

56.092 Descargas

synapse_pay_rest 3.4.5

SynapsePay v3 Rest Native API Library

55.236 Descargas

capybara-extensions 0.4.1

Complements Capybara with additional finders and matchers.

40.939 Descargas

client_side_validations-formtastic 2.2.1

Formtastic Plugin for ClientSideValidaitons

40.464 Descargas

lucie-lib 0.1.2

Command line utility framework

38.667 Descargas

linked-list 0.0.15

Ruby implementation of Doubly Linked List, following some Ruby idioms.

37.199 Descargas

rate_throttle_client 0.1.2

37.038 Descargas

rails4_client_side_validations 4.2.0

Client Side Validations for Rails 4

35.755 Descargas

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