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logger 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require logger

twilio-ruby 5.72.0

The official library for communicating with the Twilio REST API, building TwiML, and ge...

49,092,036 下载

sparql 3.2.4

SPARQL Implements SPARQL 1.1 Query, Update and result formats for the Ruby RDF.rb libra...

509,201 下载

socialization 2.0.1

Socialization allows any model to Follow and/or Like any other model. This is accomplis...

285,031 下载

evil-winrm 3.4

The ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting

213,854 下载

falkorlib 0.8.10

This is my personal library I use to share the Ruby tidbits and Rake tasks I made it fo...

164,785 下载

marathon_deploy 0.1.56

Pushes a yaml or json file to the Marathon API.

128,148 下载

mysql_online_migrations 1.0.3

MySQL 5.6 adds a `LOCK=NONE` option to make sure migrations are done with no locking. L...

124,960 下载

takelage 0.33.1

tau is a thor command line script to tame the takelage devops workflow

118,690 下载

locomotivecms_mounter 1.5.8

Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an ...

97,600 下载

ringcentral_sdk 2.2.1

A Ruby SDK for the RingCentral Connect Platform API

96,033 下载

v2gpti 1.3.5

Provides a set of additional Git commands to help developers when working with Pivotal ...

83,416 下载

watirmark 5.29.4

Watirmark is an MVC test framework for watir-webdriver

81,735 下载

adomain 0.2.4

Simple, uncomplicated, schemed domain parsing using Addressable

72,962 下载

selfsdk 0.0.205

joinself sdk

70,459 下载

debugged-ruby 0.2.0

Ruby debugged

61,222 下载

cova 0.2.1

Cova removes a lot of the complexity that comes with designing, coding, testing, protot...

59,951 下载

client-api 0.4.1

HTTP REST API client for testing application APIs based on the ruby’s RSpec framework t...

58,571 下载

sad 1.5.18

a simple em baseed background job worker.

55,574 下载

chap 0.1.3

chef + capistrano = chap: deploy your app with either chef or capistrano

52,297 下载

taf 1.0.0

Test Automation Framework (TAF) to allow simple test web automation - external use

51,350 下载

qas_dock_gem 0.1.41

I just created this gem to say hello for the ruby gems world, okay.

50,649 下载

proxes 0.10.1

Rack wrapper around Elasticsearch to provide security and management features

49,604 下载

musa-dsl 0.26.6

Musa-DSL: A Ruby framework and DSL for algorithmic sound and musical thinking and compo...

49,473 下载

vk_music 4.1.6

A library to work with audios on popular Russian social network

49,306 下载

docker-spec 0.28.0

A docker spec library to build and test docker containers

45,663 下载

tokenr 0.1.7

Find and tokenise files!

40,790 下载

insightly 0.2.10

Ruby library for integrating with . This gem makes it easy to talk to...

39,633 下载

obo_parser 0.4.2

Provides all-in-one object containing the contents of an OBO formatted file. OBO versi...

37,413 下载

togglv8 1.2.1

Toggl v8 API wrapper (See

37,208 下载

xp5k 0.0.21

A small Grid'5000 helper to submit jobs and deploy environments via REST API

36,679 下载

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Ruby, BSD-2-Clause

需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0