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Dependencias inversas para log_buddy Latest version of the following gems require log_buddy

spreedly 2.0.24

The Spreedly gem provides a convenient Ruby wrapper for the Spreedly API.

484.557 Descargas

mongo_mapper-unstable 2010.08.19

A Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo

352.377 Descargas

amee 4.4.0

Ruby interface to the AMEE carbon calculator

179.650 Descargas

tarantula 0.5.1

Tarantula is a big fuzzy spider. It crawls your Rails 2.3 and 3.x applications, fuzzing...

62.601 Descargas

beatport 0.4.0

A ruby gem for accessing the beatport api

47.690 Descargas

hamradio 0.4.4

Includes grid square decoding/encoding & call sign lookup.

30.864 Descargas

mm_partial_update 0.1.8

Partial updates for MongoMapper

29.980 Descargas

codez-tarantula 0.5.5

Tarantula is a big fuzzy spider. It crawls your Rails 2.3 and 3.x applications, fuzzing...

29.227 Descargas

nachos 0.0.6

Because everyone loves Nachos!

20.585 Descargas

mm_dirtier 0.1.4

Even dirtier dirty tracking for MongoMapper

17.432 Descargas

app_frame 0.6.1

An app framework

16.279 Descargas

givey_ruby 0.0.6

General, controller and model methods for accessing Givey API from Ruby

15.401 Descargas

mongomapper_id2 0.0.5

It is a MongoMapper's plugin to add auto incremented id in MongoMapper's documents.

12.313 Descargas

dgh 0.1.4

Dgh helps when you have to manually downgrade a large amount of packages. It requires t...

11.371 Descargas

jemal 0.1.1

Means to access jemalloc options and statistics for MRI compiled with jemalloc support.

9.756 Descargas


A Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo (modified by IGN)

7.777 Descargas

xpay 0.0.6

This gem provides an abstraction layer to Xpay4. SecureTrading Xpay4 is a Java Applet t...

7.203 Descargas

adapter-postgres 0.1.1

Postgres adapter for adapter gem. Uses the HSTORE data type. See adapter for more info.

6.869 Descargas

ssherman-mongo_mapper 0.8.6

A Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo

5.091 Descargas

solidus_marketplace 0.1.0

Adds marketplace functionality to Solidus stores.

4.753 Descargas

honkster-mongo_mapper 0.8.4

A Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo

4.648 Descargas

jonbell-mongo_mapper 0.8.6

A Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo

4.600 Descargas

panmind-tarantula 0.3.3

A big hairy fuzzy spider that crawls your site, wreaking havoc

4.189 Descargas

Total de descargas 273.147

Para esta versión 202.399

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