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Reverse dependencies for librato-metrics Latest version of the following gems require librato-metrics

librato-rack 2.0.5

Rack middleware to report key app statistics and custom instrumentation to the Librato ...

1,597,577 下載

gantree 0.6.18

cli tool for automating docker deploys to elastic beanstalk

89,566 下載

librato-rake-deploytrack 0.0.9

Rake tasks to keep track of your deploys in Librato Metrics, using the Annotationstream...

49,134 下載

recognizer 0.7.0

A drop-in replacement for Graphite Carbon (TCP & AMQP), sending metrics to Librato Metr...

40,203 下載

blabbermouth-librato 0.1.4

Bystander for Blabbermouth that posts to Librato

38,891 下載

metriksd 0.5.7

Server for handling metrics from metriks

22,157 下載

chef-handler-librato 1.2.0

Push reporting stats to Librato metrics

21,013 下載

chrome_debugger 0.0.5

Starts a Google Chrome session. Load pages and examine the results.

11,537 下載

librato-metrics-taps 0.3.9

Taps for extracting metrics data and publishing to Librato Metrics

6,991 下載

pliny-librato 0.6.2

A Librato metrics reporter backend for pliny

6,128 下載

lita-libratoo 0.1.4

Query librato metrics from Lita

5,223 下載

metrics-rails 0.2.0

Report key app statistics to the Librato Metrics service and easily track your own cust...

4,859 下載

fluent-plugin-librato 0.0.1

Fluentd plugin to post data to Librato Metrics

4,837 下載

librato-storm-kafka 0.0.2

Collects metrics from a storm-kafka setup and publishes them to Librato

4,274 下載

sensu-plugins-librato 1.0.0

Sensu librato plugins

3,243 下載

librato-metrics-memcached 0.0.1

Pull stats from memcached and push to Librato Metrics

2,724 下載

libratonator 0.0.1

Experimental CLI tool to pipe Graphite's Carbon data to Librato Metrics

2,577 下載

napolean 1.0

A tool to collect and submit system metrics to Librato Metrics

2,459 下載

總下載次數 3,718,230

這個版本 1,161,520

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BSD 3-clause

Ruby 版本需求: >= 1.9