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kaminariの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require kaminari

active_model_serializers 0.10.10

ActiveModel::Serializers allows you to generate your JSON in an object-oriented and con...

37,162,018 ダウンロード

elasticsearch-model 7.1.1

ActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.

14,539,057 ダウンロード

activeadmin 2.8.0

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails.

9,991,990 ダウンロード

rails_admin 2.0.2

RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your d...

4,281,593 ダウンロード

bootstrap-kaminari-views 0.0.5

Bootstrap-ify pagination with Kaminari - Compatible with Bootstrap 2.x, 3.x

2,086,226 ダウンロード

algoliasearch-rails 1.24.1

AlgoliaSearch integration to your favorite ORM

2,058,272 ダウンロード

spree_core 4.1.9

The bare bones necessary for Spree.

1,239,599 ダウンロード

administrate 0.14.0

Administrate is heavily inspired by projects like Rails Admin and ActiveAdmin, but aims...

1,174,732 ダウンロード

kaminari-bootstrap 3.0.1

Kaminari views for Twitter Bootstrap (rails engine)

1,083,568 ダウンロード

kaminari-i18n 0.5.0

Translations for the kaminari gem

725,489 ダウンロード

blacklight 7.10.0

Blacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...

641,936 ダウンロード

rocket_pants 1.13.1

Rocket Pants adds JSON API love to Rails and ActionController, making it simpler to bui...

529,944 ダウンロード

search_object 1.2.4

Search object DSL

525,474 ダウンロード

solidus_backend 2.10.2

Admin interface for the Solidus e-commerce framework.

509,100 ダウンロード

solidus_frontend 2.10.2

Cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project.

465,893 ダウンロード

restpack_serializer 0.6.11

Model serialization, paging, side-loading and filtering

434,087 ダウンロード

bootstrap4-kaminari-views 1.0.1

Bootstrap 4 styling for Kaminari gem

405,121 ダウンロード

wice_grid 4.1.0

A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and filters generated aut...

342,329 ダウンロード

bhf 0.10.17

A simple to use Rails-Engine-Gem that offers an admin interface for trusted user. Easy ...

340,757 ダウンロード

alchemy_cms 5.0.0

Alchemy is a powerful, userfriendly and flexible Rails CMS.

319,877 ダウンロード

social_stream-base 2.2.2

Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networki...

252,765 ダウンロード

active_scaffold_vho 4.0.0

Save time and headaches, and create a more easily maintainable set of pages, with Activ...

251,740 ダウンロード

smart_listing 1.2.3

Ruby on Rails data listing gem with built-in sorting, filtering and in-place editing.

242,491 ダウンロード

couchrest_model 2.0.4

CouchRest Model provides aditional features to the standard CouchRest Document class su...

221,221 ダウンロード

kaminari-cells 1.0.0

Simple Kaminari pagination in Cells.

180,544 ダウンロード

rails_db 2.3.1

Quick way to inspect your Rails database, see content of tables, filter, export them to...

178,704 ダウンロード

locomotive_cms 2.5.7

LocomotiveCMS is a next generation CMS system with sexy admin tools, liquid templating,...

152,949 ダウンロード

rocket_cms 0.33.1


147,362 ダウンロード

plutus 0.16

The plutus plugin provides a complete double entry accounting system for use in any Rub...

140,781 ダウンロード

lolita 4.2.0

Manage Rails, application backend with ease.

125,441 ダウンロード

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