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inspecの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require inspec

kitchen-inspec 2.5.0

A Test Kitchen Verifier for InSpec

1,879,054 ダウンロード

inspec-bin 4.52.9

InSpec executable for inspec gem. Use of this executable may require accepting a licens...

391,853 ダウンロード

kitchen-terraform 6.1.0

kitchen-terraform is a set of Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configuration

227,876 ダウンロード

inspec_tools 3.1.0

Converter utils for Inspec that can be included as a gem or used from the command line

44,328 ダウンロード

cloudspin-stack-rake 0.1.24

Rake tasks to manage instances of an infrastructure stack using Terraform

22,649 ダウンロード

inspec-iggy 0.8.0

InSpec plugin to generate InSpec profiles from Terraform and CloudFormation to ensure a...

12,641 ダウンロード

kitchen-pulumi 0.2.0

Kitchen-Pulumi makes it easy to add integration tests to Pulumi-based infrastructure pr...

4,426 ダウンロード

inspec-resource-pack 0.2.1

["Adds some testing helper files to be able to unit test"]

3,784 ダウンロード

inspec-reporter-json-hdf 1.1.1

InSpec Reporter plugin to report HDF formated JSON to be used with Heimdall.

2,589 ダウンロード

train-lxd 0.1.2

LXD Driver for Train

2,441 ダウンロード

inspec-multi-server 0.0.1

command line tool to run chef inspec tests on multiple servers.

1,959 ダウンロード

inspec-plugin-example 0.5.0

Example for implementing an InSpec plugin.

1,915 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-inspec 0.1.1

Sensu check plugin for executing InSpec controls

1,292 ダウンロード

inspec-resource-lister 0.1.0

Example for implementing an InSpec Plugin. This simply lists available resources.

1,085 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 25,291,337

現行バージョン 14,354

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必要Rubyバージョン: >= 2.5