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guard-spork 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require guard-spork

obfuscatable 0.1.3

Make your ActiveRecord IDs non-obvious

35,912 下载

assetable 0.3.1

Dead simple asset uploader attachments for your active record models

35,246 下载

fontrobot 0.1.8

Transforms EPS and SVG vectors into icon webfonts. Generates Bootstrap compatible CSS f...

35,245 下载

voterable 0.0.10

Hackish implementaiton of voting on of voteable objects by a voter

32,607 下载

acts_permissive 0.3.4

Allows for arbitrary permissions on arbitrary collections of objects, rather than syste...

32,275 下载

ucb_rails 0.0.14

Jumpstart a UCB Rails application.

31,827 下载

controlled_versioning 0.12.0

With Controlled Versioning, you can make any model versionable. This will record sugges...

30,779 下载


The Forge CMS dependency gem.

30,486 下载

debitcredit 0.2.0

Double entry accounting for Rails applications

30,209 下载

catche 0.2.5

Automatic resource and collection caching/expiration for Ruby on Rails

30,092 下载

open_ehr 1.0.2

This project is an implementation of the openEHR specification on Ruby.

28,828 下载

sequel-pg-comment 2.0.1

Set comments on PgSQL objects from seuqel migrations

27,873 下载

spinach-console-reporter 0.0.2

This is a console reporter for spinach. It works with Jenkins console ANSI ...

26,482 下载

acts_as_stream 0.0.4.rc.3

Rails injectable Redis-backed activity stream system. This is an alpha release of code ...

26,181 下载

digital_opera 0.0.16

Tools and utilities for helping out in developing Ruby applications

25,500 下载

flexible_feeds 0.4.0

A flexible feed system, allowing for everything from automated events to nested user-ge...

23,807 下载

audit_record 0.1.5

A simple gem built for Rails 3+ which creates an audit when events that you configure o...

23,711 下载

rails-bootstrap-helpers 0.1.0

A Rails plugin that contains helpers for Bootstrap

23,380 下载


CMS based on Mercury Editor

22,940 下载

simple-pages-rails 0.7.0

This gem provides simple pages with rails engine

21,767 下载

ckm_client 0.3.0

CKM client via web services and command line tool

20,918 下载

simple_resource 0.6.1

SimpleResource speeds up development of standard Rails applications by integrating Inhe...

20,290 下载

accountly 0.0.7

Lightweight administration on top of lobby-gem

20,203 下载

knife_cookbook_dependencies 0.0.8

Resolves cookbook dependencies

20,174 下载

chili_pepper 0.1.7

Using in-place editing etc.

19,789 下载

queencheck 1.0.0

QueenCheck is random test library. Inspired by QuickCheck library in Haskell.

19,765 下载

certificate-transparency-client 0.5.2

A client for RFC6962 Certificate Transparency log servers

19,380 下载


The gem is a collection of possible formatters for the pivotal_to_pdf gem

19,248 下载

overapp 0.5.1


18,521 下载

rb-blink1 0.0.7

Controls blink(1)

16,906 下载

下载总次数 2,967,993

这个版本 838,032

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9.3

需要的 RubyGems 版本: >= 1.3.6