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Dependencias inversas para guard-spork Latest version of the following gems require guard-spork

varia_model 0.6.0

A mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing

7.123.366 Descargas

buff-extensions 2.0.0

Extensions to Core Ruby classes

7.068.779 Descargas

buff-shell_out 1.1.0

A mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output

6.970.373 Descargas

buff-ruby_engine 1.0.0

A mixin for querying the platform running Ruby

6.953.689 Descargas

buff-config 2.0.0

A simple configuration class

6.942.336 Descargas

komachi_heartbeat 2.5.0

Alive Monitoring of Application Server and DB Server.

236.568 Descargas

api_resource 0.6.25

A replacement for ActiveResource for RESTful APIs that handles associated object and mu...

198.592 Descargas

has_moderated 1.2.3

Moderated fields or whole model instances are serialized and saved into a separate mode...

157.393 Descargas

audit_rails 2.0.10

An action based auditor, which has internal as well as outgoing link tracking. Provides...

93.751 Descargas

conductor 0.9.4

Conductor is the bastard child of a/b testing and personalization. It throws everythin...

87.928 Descargas


Description of EspAuth.

79.530 Descargas

buff-platform 1.0.0

A mixin for querying the platform running Ruby

79.402 Descargas

mongoid-data_table 1.3.3

Simple data preparation from Mongoid to the jQuery DataTables plugin

70.003 Descargas

obfuscate_id 0.2.0

Make your ActiveRecord IDs non-obvious

67.190 Descargas

opay 1.3.2

Payu (polish payment service) rails engine.

62.821 Descargas

esp-permissions 0.1.0

Description of EspPermissions.

62.389 Descargas

lobby 0.0.27

Lightweight authentication for my projects

62.294 Descargas

xmppify 0.0.62

We have extracted out the logic from IdleCampus and built xmppify because I want to hel...

61.282 Descargas

easyxdm-rails 0.0.8

Add easyXDM to your app.

53.733 Descargas

sso_client 0.4.4

Client gem for connecting to SSO server (

52.759 Descargas

em-pg-client-helper 2.0.8

Simplify common operations using em-pg-client

52.602 Descargas

jquery-lazy-images 0.3.2

Why make the browser load images that the user isn't going to see? This Rails engin...

43.973 Descargas

my-lib 0.2.5

longer description of your gem

42.547 Descargas

mongoid-list 0.6.0

Simple list behavior for Mongoid

40.065 Descargas

bootstrap-view-helpers 0.0.14

Produce Bootstrap html with semantic helper methods.

40.044 Descargas

lvmsync 3.3.2

Efficiently transfer changes in LVM snapshots

39.750 Descargas

active_application 0.3.1

Application framework for Rails

38.088 Descargas

requires_approval 1.0.16

Gem to handle versioning and things that require approval

36.012 Descargas

easymarklet 0.0.12

The easiest way to create bookmarklets in your rails app.

35.637 Descargas

obfuscatable 0.1.3

Make your ActiveRecord IDs non-obvious

35.360 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.936.982

Para esta versión 810.120

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 1.9.3

Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 1.3.6