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fuubarの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require fuubar

ruby-progressbar 1.11.0

Ruby/ProgressBar is an extremely flexible text progress bar library for Ruby. The outpu...

248,597,122 ダウンロード

awesome_print 1.9.2

Great Ruby debugging companion: pretty print Ruby objects to visualize their structure....

155,954,069 ダウンロード

watir 7.1.0

Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby It facilitates the writing of automate...

17,309,796 ダウンロード

rspec-sidekiq 3.1.0

Simple testing of Sidekiq jobs via a collection of matchers and helpers

15,905,629 ダウンロード

astrolabe 1.3.1

An object-oriented AST extension for Parser

9,290,698 ダウンロード

varia_model 0.6.0

A mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing

7,012,987 ダウンロード

buff-extensions 2.0.0

Extensions to Core Ruby classes

6,958,316 ダウンロード

buff-shell_out 1.1.0

A mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output

6,861,455 ダウンロード

buff-ruby_engine 1.0.0

A mixin for querying the platform running Ruby

6,845,327 ダウンロード

buff-config 2.0.0

A simple configuration class

6,832,674 ダウンロード

progressbar 1.11.0

Ruby/ProgressBar is an extremely flexible text progress bar library for Ruby. The outpu...

4,739,703 ダウンロード

watir-webdriver 0.9.9

WebDriver-backed Watir

4,388,351 ダウンロード

enumerable-statistics 2.0.7

This library provides statistics features for Enumerable

4,303,931 ダウンロード

kitchen-docker 2.12.0

A Docker Driver for Test Kitchen

2,930,739 ダウンロード

foodcritic 16.3.0

A code linting tool for Chef Infra cookbooks.

2,539,623 ダウンロード

rspec-legacy_formatters 1.0.2

Support for RSpec 2.x formatters on 3.x

1,841,782 ダウンロード

auth0 5.8.0

Ruby toolkit for Auth0 API

1,632,579 ダウンロード

active_elastic_job 3.2.0

Run background jobs / tasks of Rails applications deployed in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk ...

1,066,191 ダウンロード


This gem provides jquery-cookie assets for your Rails 3 application.

1,005,234 ダウンロード

basecrm 2.0.0

Zendesk Sell Official API V2 library client for ruby

973,312 ダウンロード

oauth-plugin 0.5.1

Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer

648,062 ダウンロード

riif 1.1.0

A simple DSL to generate QuickBooks IIF file

480,316 ダウンロード

crawler_detect 1.2.1

CrawlerDetect is a library to detect bots/crawlers via the user agent

430,595 ダウンロード

instrumental_agent 3.0.0

This agent supports Instrumental custom metric monitoring for Ruby applications. It pro...

414,184 ダウンロード

granite 0.12.1

Another business actions architecture for Rails apps

363,128 ダウンロード

attributor 6.2

A powerful attribute and type management library for Ruby

293,001 ダウンロード

rails_admin-i18n 1.18.0

Translations for the rails_admin gem

291,710 ダウンロード

praxis-blueprints 3.5

Praxis Blueprints is a library that allows for defining a reusable class structures...

253,326 ダウンロード

auto_increment 1.5.2

Automaticaly increments a string or integer field in ActiveRecord.

252,397 ダウンロード

praxis 0.21

Building APIs the way you want it.

250,230 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 31,558,220

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