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fog-core 2.2.4

Shared classes and tests for fog providers and services.

79.598.895 Descargas

guard 2.17.0

Guard is a command line tool to easily handle events on file system modifications.

51.632.615 Descargas

invoker 1.5.8

Something small for process management

314.354 Descargas

shindo 0.3.10

Work with your tests, not against them.

226.263 Descargas

ironfan 6.1.9

Ironfan allows you to orchestrate not just systems, but clusters of machines. It includ...

191.076 Descargas


The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

67.120 Descargas

bbcloud 0.13.0

Scripts to interact with the Brightbox cloud API

47.475 Descargas


Simple backup system for pushing into cloud

45.775 Descargas

task-orchestrator 0.0.31

Simple task orchestration framework driven by Yaml config files

44.074 Descargas

google 1.0.10

A ruby gem to give you the power of Google Search in your command line.

41.244 Descargas

gestalt 0.0.11

Simple Ruby profiling and tracing.

36.161 Descargas

ftl 0.3.3

Ftl is a command line tool for Fog/AWS

33.961 Descargas

ohmage 0.0.31

A Ruby interface for the ohmage 2.x API.

31.214 Descargas

slapshot 0.0.18

This is a command line interface to the Appshot API. I allows you to search your Appsho...

27.251 Descargas

tach 0.0.8

Simple benchmarking with noticable progress and pretty results.

24.979 Descargas

cluster_chef 3.0.14

cluster_chef allows you to orchestrate not just systems but clusters of machines. It in...

24.785 Descargas

cluster_chef-knife 3.0.14

cluster_chef-knife allows you to orchestrate not just systems but clusters of machines....

24.520 Descargas

abiquo-api 0.1.3

Simple Abiquo API client

23.577 Descargas

mandrill-template-manager 0.3.3

Manage Mandrill Template CLI

22.816 Descargas


Over's custom CI / CD toolchain, integrating, Github, Github and ITC

21.339 Descargas

git-cleanup 0.2.3

A simple interactive command line tool to help you cleanup your git branch detritus

19.984 Descargas

diggit 3.0.5

Diggit is an agile tool that allows you to analyze git repositories.

16.285 Descargas

env_lint 1.0.0

Lint the environment according to .env.example

15.173 Descargas

rackspace-fog 1.4.2

Rackspace fork of fog.

15.016 Descargas


Klipp, Xcode templates for the rest of us.

13.948 Descargas

cifrado 0.2.1

OpenStack Swift CLI with encryption support

12.926 Descargas

primetable 1.1.4

Displays the products of N primes in a table format. Optionally uses generated primes o...

12.857 Descargas

gapinc-fog 1.14.0

The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

10.862 Descargas

commando 0.0.2

Tools for command line interfacing

10.263 Descargas


The Ruby cloud services library.

10.085 Descargas

Total de descargas 109.955.063

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