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fastimage 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require fastimage

fastlane 2.196.0

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

57,416,126 下载

badge 0.13.0


4,184,190 下载

middleman-core 4.4.0

A static site generator. Provides dozens of templating languages (Haml, Sass, Compass, ...

3,582,966 下载

shrine 3.4.0

Shrine is a toolkit for file attachments in Ruby applications. It supports uploading, d...

3,446,388 下载

file_validators 3.0.0

Adds file validators to ActiveModel

2,901,993 下载

spaceship 1.0.0

Ruby library to access the Apple Dev Center and iTunes Connect

1,553,482 下载

metainspector 5.11.2

MetaInspector lets you scrape a web page and get its links, images, texts, meta tags...

1,456,842 下载

snapshot 2.0.0

Automate taking localized screenshots of your iOS and tvOS apps on every device

1,441,479 下载

deliver 2.0.1

Upload screenshots, metadata and your app to the App Store using a single command

1,264,148 下载

carrierwave-bombshelter 0.2.2

Protect your carrierwave from image bombs

1,167,264 下载

jekyll-assets 3.0.12

A drop-in Jekyll Plugin that provides an asset pipeline for JavaScript, CSS, SASS, SCSS...

1,109,994 下载

frameit 4.0.0

Quickly put your screenshots into the right device frames

821,142 下载

apparition 0.6.0

Apparition is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on Chrome in a he...

363,839 下载

rails_amp 0.2.2

RailsAmp is a Ruby on Rails plugin that makes it easy to build views for AMP(Accelerate...

89,540 下载

powerpoint 1.8

A Ruby gem that can create a PowerPoint presentation.

75,580 下载

tdiary 5.1.7

tDiary is so called Weblog.

74,696 下载

screencap 0.1.4

a gem to grab screenshots of webpages, or just parts of webpages

71,693 下载

fastimage_resize 2.0.3

FastImage Resize is an extremely light solution for resizing images in ruby by using li...

67,161 下载

jekyll-cloudinary 1.14.1

This Jekyll plugin adds a Liquid tag that helps using Cloudinary, a SaaS solution for i...

64,638 下载

workarea-core 3.5.27

Provides application code, seed data, plugin infrastructure, and other core parts of th...

59,390 下载

image-dumper 0.8.5

A dumper to download whole galleries from board like 4chan, imagebam, mangaeden, devian...

58,631 下载

jekyll-theme-open-project-helpers 2.1.8

Helpers for the Open Project Jekyll theme

57,543 下载

jekyll-picture-tag 0.3.0

Jekyll Picture Tag is a liquid tag that adds responsive images to your Jekyll static si...

55,656 下载

web-connect 0.4.17

This is a Ruby version of Netfira's WebConnect server-side library

50,673 下载

zooniverse_data 1.0.2

Zooniverse data library

42,514 下载

cortex-plugins-core 3.2.0

The combined set of Core FieldTypes for the Cortex CMS platform

40,583 下载

embedify 0.7.3

Embedify is a ruby gem that parses and returns an embeddable version of a page, sim...

39,026 下载

rrtf 1.3.1

A ruby-based rich text format (RTF) document generator.

38,201 下载

amp-jekyll 1.0.3

A Jekyll plugin to generate Accelerated Mobile Pages.

35,640 下载


obtains from any kind of hyperlink a link to an image, its format and resolution

33,189 下载

下载总次数 52,343,686

这个版本 1,426,846

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9.2