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factory_bot 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require factory_bot

factory_bot_rails 6.1.0

factory_bot_rails provides integration between factory_bot and rails 5.0 or newer

52,756,439 下载

doorkeeper 5.5.1

Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails and Grape.

22,353,709 下载

doorkeeper-openid_connect 1.7.5

OpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper.

7,096,068 下载

active_attr 0.15.2

Create plain old Ruby models without reinventing the wheel.

4,211,056 下载

seed_dump 3.3.1

Dump (parts) of your database to db/seeds.rb to get a headstart creating a meaningful s...

2,980,759 下载

json_matchers 0.11.1

Validate your Rails JSON API's JSON

2,251,893 下载

crystalball 0.7.0

Provides simple way to integrate regression test selection approach to your RSpec test ...

1,966,088 下载

ajax-datatables-rails 1.3.1

A wrapper around datatable's ajax methods that allow synchronization with server-side p...

1,727,698 下载

pickle 0.6.0

Easy model creation and reference in your cucumber features

1,335,442 下载

acts_as_votable 0.13.1

Rails gem to allowing records to be votable

1,210,890 下载

tmuxinator 2.0.2

Create and manage complex tmux sessions easily.

1,029,002 下载

blueprinter 0.25.3

Blueprinter is a JSON Object Presenter for Ruby that takes business objects and breaks ...

952,436 下载

doorkeeper-mongodb 5.2.2

Doorkeeper Mongoid ORM extension

766,009 下载

after_party 1.11.2

Automated post-deploy tasks for Ruby/Rails. Your deployment is the party. This is the a...

757,071 下载

gruf 2.10.0

gRPC Ruby Framework for building complex gRPC applications at scale

671,192 下载

basecrm 1.3.9

Zendesk Sell Official API V2 library client for ruby

656,703 下载

wine_bouncer 1.0.4

A Ruby gem that allows Oauth2 protection with Doorkeeper for Grape Api's

614,534 下载

sidekiq-logstash 2.0.0

Sidekiq::Logstash turns your Sidekiq log into an organised, aggregated, JSON-syntax log...

584,110 下载

cypress-on-rails 1.10.1

Integrates cypress with rails or rack applications

477,723 下载

hydra-head 12.0.0

Hydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application.

471,228 下载

jsonapi-utils 0.7.3

Build JSON API-compliant APIs on Rails with no (or less) learning curve.

391,365 下载

notifications-ruby-client 5.3.0

Ruby client for GOV.UK Notifications API

353,502 下载

search_cop 1.1.0

Search engine like fulltext query support for ActiveRecord

351,287 下载

doorkeeper-grants_assertion 0.3.1

Assertion grant extension for Doorkeeper.

260,803 下载

randumb 0.6.0

Adds the ability to pull random records from ActiveRecord

242,364 下载

arturo 2.5.3

Deploy features incrementally to your users

213,054 下载

zuora-ruby 0.7.0

A Ruby wrapper for Zuora API.

203,156 下载

ansible_tower_client 0.21.3

Ansible Tower REST API wrapper gem

199,174 下载

ar_lazy_preload 0.6.1

lazy_preload implementation for ActiveRecord models

189,619 下载

acts_as_favoritor 5.0.1

acts_as_favoritor is a Rubygem to allow any ActiveRecord model to associate any other m...

185,836 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0