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dry-schemaの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require dry-schema

dry-validation 1.10.0

Validation library

38,535,885 ダウンロード

dry-rails 0.7.0

dry-rails provides the official integration of dry-rb gems with Ruby on Rails framework.

210,785 ダウンロード

mihari 4.11.0

A framework for continuous OSINT based threat hunting

124,822 ダウンロード

event_store_client 3.0.0

Easy to use client for event-sources applications written in ruby

100,450 ダウンロード

ledger_sync 2.4.4

LedgerSync is a simple library that allows you to sync common objects to popular accoun...

81,570 ダウンロード

remap 2.2.53

Re:map; an expressive and feature-rich data transformation mapper for Ruby 3. It gives ...

64,852 ダウンロード

performify 1.0.2

Performify helps you to define your app logic in separated and isolated ...

40,613 ダウンロード

web_pipe 0.16.0

Rack application builder through a pipe of operations on an immutable struct.

27,276 ダウンロード

djin 0.11.7

djin is a make-like utility for docker containers

25,895 ダウンロード

cbra_contracts 0.5.2b

DSL to delcare your Rails component contracts

20,222 ダウンロード

rb-konfig 0.1.6

Konfig is a Kubernetes friendly Rails configuration gem

17,871 ダウンロード

sinatra-dry_param 0.0.4

Define your params schema with the strong library dry-schema.

15,074 ダウンロード

pedicel 1.0.0

Decryption of Apple Pay payment tokens

12,056 ダウンロード

kapellmeister 0.9.4

Contains third party routes parser

10,639 ダウンロード

hydra-keycloak-client 0.1.15

Keycloak client for SSO

9,847 ダウンロード

sealink-param-validation 0.4.0

Simple validation of params with a concern

8,863 ダウンロード

zatca 0.1.2

A library for generating QR Codes for the e-invoice standard by ZATCA in Saudi Arabia.

7,884 ダウンロード

midnight-rails 0.0.4

Midnight::Rails enrich your Rails, and non-Rails application, decouples your business l...

6,761 ダウンロード

interaktor 0.3.0

A common interface for building service objects.

6,602 ダウンロード

calendarium-romanum-remote 0.3.0

obtains calendar data from an API

5,551 ダウンロード

heavy_keeper 0.1.4

Gem which implements HeavyKeeper algorithm

5,267 ダウンロード

distributed-press-api-client 0.2.0

An API client for Distributed Press (

4,106 ダウンロード

metabase_query_sync 0.2.0

MetabaseQuerySync is a tool for automatically syncing metabase queries defined in files...

3,481 ダウンロード

lingutest_client 0.2.0

Write a longer description or delete this line.

3,015 ダウンロード

foreman_netbox 1.1.0

Adds integration with NetBox

2,831 ダウンロード


Gem containing Elastic connectors service

2,352 ダウンロード

dependency_manager 0.0.1

Manages and loads large collections of dependencies and wraps them into a service conta...

1,944 ダウンロード

depec 1.0.1

Depec analyzes project's dependency spec. It provides CLI to parse files in a project d...

1,905 ダウンロード

request-builder 0.2.21

Simple DSL wrapper for faraday gem

1,819 ダウンロード

dry-schema-extensions 1.0.0

Enhances dry-schema with the ability to export convert dry-schemas to OpenAPI definitions.

1,557 ダウンロード

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