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dm-migrationsの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require dm-migrations

data_mapper 1.2.0

Faster, Better, Simpler.

1,598,485 ダウンロード

dm-sqlite-adapter 1.2.0

Sqlite3 Adapter for DataMapper

1,579,700 ダウンロード

dm-postgres-adapter 1.2.0

PostgreSQL Adapter for DataMapper

1,045,857 ダウンロード

engineyard-cloud-client 2.1.1

This gem connects to the EY Cloud API

644,409 ダウンロード

dm-mysql-adapter 1.2.0

MySQL Adapter for DataMapper

626,619 ダウンロード

datamapper 1.2.0

Faster, Better, Simpler.

410,473 ダウンロード

merb_datamapper 1.1.3

Merb plugin that provides support for datamapper

188,533 ダウンロード

dm-devise 2.2.1

dm-devise adds DataMapper support to devise ( fo...

181,523 ダウンロード

dm-persevere-adapter 0.72.0

A DataMapper Adapter for persevere

172,276 ダウンロード

merb-admin 0.8.8

MerbAdmin is a Merb plugin that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data

130,416 ダウンロード

dm-zone-types 0.3

Timezone aware datatypes for DataMapper

77,129 ダウンロード

dm-postgres-types 0.0.6

Adds support for native PostgreSQL datatypes, including JSON, HSTORE, and Array to Data...

74,855 ダウンロード

ronin 1.5.1

Ronin is a Ruby platform for vulnerability research and exploit development. Ronin allo...

73,782 ダウンロード

dm-sql-finders 0.0.3

dm-sql-finders add #by_sql to your DataMapper models and provides a clean mechanism for...

72,937 ダウンロード

opentox-ruby-api-wrapper 1.6.5

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

72,514 ダウンロード

firefly 1.5.3

Firefly is your own personal URL shortener for your own domain. It's written in Ruby an...

66,660 ダウンロード

sinatra_warden 1.0.0

basic helpers and authentication methods for using warden with sinatra also providing s...

63,904 ダウンロード

ncs_mdes_warehouse 0.14.0

Scripts and models for building and maintaining the MDES-based reporting warehouse for ...

63,454 ダウンロード

dm-ldap-adapter 0.4.8

ldap adapter for datamapper which uses either net-ldap or ruby-ldap

63,232 ダウンロード

dm-xml-adapter 0.587

a XML adapter for DataMapper. this adapter allows you to use DataMapper with XML files ...

61,487 ダウンロード

dm-rspec 0.3.0

RSpec matchers for DataMapper

46,901 ダウンロード

tmin 0.2.6

tminusit is your own personal URL shortener for your own domain. It's written in Ruby a...

45,092 ダウンロード

carrierwave-datamapper 0.2.2

Datamapper support for CarrierWave

44,696 ダウンロード

dm-paperclip 2.5.0

File attachments as attributes for DataMapper, based on the original Paperclip by Jon Y...

39,112 ダウンロード

sinatra-authentication 0.4.1

Simple authentication plugin for sinatra.

38,384 ダウンロード

dm-yaml-adapter 1.2.0

YAML Adapter for DataMapper

37,871 ダウンロード

ixtlan 0.4.3

this is set of rails and datamapper plugins for setting up a little more advanced rails...

36,629 ダウンロード

dm-oracle-adapter 1.2.0

Oracle Adapter for DataMapper

30,493 ダウンロード

dm-postgis 2.0.1

Adds DMGeometry type to DataMapper that uses GeoRuby for (de)serializing Geometry types...

28,784 ダウンロード

opentox-ruby 4.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

28,100 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 3,111,256

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