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Reverse dependencies for delayed_job_active_record Latest version of the following gems require delayed_job_active_record

caboose-cms 1.0.2

CMS built on rails with love.

2,437,198 下載

opentelemetry-instrumentation-delayed_job 0.19.1

Delayed Job instrumentation for the OpenTelemetry framework

2,124,215 下載

delayed_cron_job 0.9.0

Delayed Cron Job is an extension to Delayed::Job that allows ...

1,311,543 下載

delayed_job_recurring 0.3.9

Extends delayed_job to support recurring jobs, including timezone support

766,260 下載

health-monitor-rails 10.1.0

Health monitoring Rails plug-in, which checks various services (db, cache, sidekiq, red...

562,753 下載

marty 14.3.0

Marty is a framework for viewing and reporting on versioned data.

385,976 下載

coalescing_panda 5.2.0

Canvas LTI and OAUTH2 mountable engine

329,629 下載

ts-delayed-delta 2.1.0

Manage delta indexes via Delayed Job for Thinking Sphinx

274,546 下載

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

255,014 下載

delayed_job_heartbeat_plugin 0.5.0

Delayed::Job plugin to unlock jobs from dead workers

221,809 下載

activejob-cancel 0.3.2

activejob-cancel provides cancel method to Active Job

213,841 下載

spatial_features 3.1.0

Adds spatial methods to a model.

213,516 下載

delayed_job_worker_pool 1.0.0

Worker process pooling for Delayed Job

208,628 下載

iqvoc 4.13.2

iQvoc - a SKOS(-XL) vocabulary management system built on the Semantic Web

152,264 下載

roqua-support 0.4.5

Logging backend, freedom patches,

129,221 下載

dalliance 0.11.0

Background processing for ActiveRecord using a 'delayable' worker and a state_machine

129,038 下載

rails_performance 1.0.4

3rd party dependency-free solution how to monitor performance of your Rails applications.

124,741 下載

cmor_core 0.0.60.pre

Cmor Core Module.

97,427 下載

iugusdk 1.0.11

SDK for Iugu Platform Applications

91,494 下載

delayed_job_groups_plugin 0.8.0

Aggregates Delayed::Job jobs into groups with group level management and lifecycle call...

90,625 下載

nimbleshop_core 0.0.23

Provides core e-commerce support to nimbleShop

75,200 下載

ifd_tools 0.3.3

Emergency messaging, application updates, notifier updates, user management & base Acti...

73,637 下載

dj_mon 1.1.0

A Rails engine based frontend for Delayed Job

72,108 下載

delayed_mailhopper 0.0.7

DelayedMailhopper extends Mailhopper to deliver emails asynchronously with DelayedJob.

69,618 下載

erp_tech_svcs 4.2.0

This engine is implemented with the premise that services like logging, tracing and enc...

69,109 下載

cmor_system_backend 0.0.43.pre

Cmor System Module.

57,697 下載

scheduled_job 0.2.5

By including the scheduled job module in a delayed job you can specify when you would l...

56,137 下載

totoro 1.0.7

Enpower rabbitmq to make it configrable

54,514 下載

stripe_invoice 2.0.1

stripe_invoice adds PDF views and automated emails to your Koudoku-based application

52,648 下載

eric_weixin 0.4.2


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