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delayed_job_active_record 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require delayed_job_active_record

kit_cms 2.3.22

Kit is DSC's Community and Content Management System (CCMS) built as a Rails engine for...

41,057 下载

q 0.0.1

A universal interface for Ruby queueing backends.

39,016 下载


Manages the delivery of mailable items. Handles contacts, mailing lists, bounces, unsub...

36,230 下载

orchestrated 0.0.14

a workflow orchestration framework running on delayed_job and active_record

36,217 下载

flexite 0.0.25

Database driven web-app settings

33,729 下载

oxen_job 0.4.13

Provides interfaces to DelayedJob via the ActiveJob

33,698 下载

daily 0.0.10

Reporting application

32,176 下载


The Forge CMS dependency gem.

32,133 下载

activeadmin_jobs 0.5.2

It's a Rails engine that allows you to play nice with Active Job in Active Admin provid...

32,003 下载

buffered_job 0.5.0

Buffering jobs for a certain period and invoke specific method if two or more similer j...

29,109 下载

alchemy_crm 2.0.5

A fully featured CRM / Newsletter and Mailings Module for Alchemy CMS. Building and sen...

28,372 下载


Part of MokshaCms, providing core functionality, including internationalization

27,828 下载

fogged 0.0.13

Fogged provides helpers to use Fog resources more easily within Rails

26,965 下载

taverna-player 0.11.0

Taverna Player is a Ruby on Rails plugin to run Taverna Workflows using Taverna Server....

26,906 下载

qe 0.4.0

A simple interface over several background job libraries like Resque, Sidekiq and Delay...

26,085 下载

redis_monitor 0.3.3

Get general information of a running redis instance

25,818 下载

status_cat 5.2.1

This engine makes monitoring the status of your Rails environment easier. It provi...

25,319 下载

docsplit_images 0.2.1

Split Images for your document in one line of code

24,632 下载

atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

22,823 下载

delayed_job_loner 0.1.1

Gem that adds the ability to prevent duplicate delayed jobs from being created.

22,757 下载

card-mod-delayed_job 0.15.0

Background processing with Delayed Job

22,486 下载

rails-autoscale-delayed_job 1.3.1

This gem provides DelayedJob integration with the Judoscale autoscaling add-on for Heroku.

21,936 下载

spree_recurring_order 2.2.2

Add the option to create a recurring order

20,602 下载

cmor_system 0.0.60.pre

Cmor System Module.

19,617 下载

shopqi-app-webhook 0.1.6

ShopQi app webhook engine.

19,471 下载

delayed_job_unique_key 0.1.0

Gem based on delayed job with active record and allows to prevent creating new job if a...

19,115 下载

destroy_soon 0.0.6

Delayed destroy ActiveRecord model

18,875 下载

pages_core 3.12.1

Pages Core

18,515 下载

delayed_job_ui 0.0.6

A UI wrapper for DelayedJob

17,782 下载

devise-async-stretch 0.0.7

Uncompromised security for your user's passwords. Move password stretching into a backg...

16,857 下载

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