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debugger 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require debugger

redvine 0.2

A client for the unofficial Vine API.

38,849 下载

a_a_n 0.2.6

Whenever you need assign an association by its attribute, like name, this gem comes to...

38,369 下载

pullentity-client 0.3.9

Pullentity client for build sites

38,101 下载

fyuk 0.6.8

Small library with methods for finding the financial or fiscal year for a particular da...

36,048 下载

streamsend 0.2.3

Ruby wrapper for the StreamSend API.

35,168 下载

link_to_action 0.3.0

link_to for specific actions

34,964 下载

drafter 0.3.2


34,224 下载

gless 3.0.0

This gem attempts to provide a more robust model for web application testing, on top of...

34,048 下载

means 1.2.5

Calculates the different means for a data set (arithmetic, geometric and harmonic).

33,562 下载

url_validator 0.1.0

URL validator with normalize URL from different charset

33,533 下载

acts_as_user 1.2.6

A ruby gem to handle multiple user roles on a Rails app, it also has Devise support

33,418 下载

debugger-pry 0.1.1

This gem adds a 'pry' command to invoke Pry in the current context.

33,401 下载

document_hash 0.0.16

Implements a multi-level nested document, that notifies about changes, and some other r...

32,898 下载

natives 0.6.2

Lookup native package dependencies required by gems on your machine.

32,720 下载

bixby-client 0.5.3

Bixby Client

31,759 下载

yaml_properties 0.0.11

Easily add configurable variables for app config using YAML files

29,664 下载

twuckoo 0.5.4

A simple yet elegant solution to tweet a message regularly from a store (file, webpage,...

29,640 下载

syrup 0.0.14

Simple account balance and transactions extractor by scraping bank websites.

29,571 下载

dm-postgis 2.0.1

Adds DMGeometry type to DataMapper that uses GeoRuby for (de)serializing Geometry types...

28,814 下载

memor 0.3.0

memoize function without alias method chain

28,030 下载

smartgen 0.6.1

Smartgen generates static HTML files from markup files, using textile or markdown, and ...

27,849 下载

captify 1.0.2

Capistrano capify with canned templates.

27,773 下载

screenpress 0.3.0

Workflow and Capybara extension that takes screenshots of your tests to prevent visual ...

27,355 下载

control 0.9.2

State Machine integrated with ActiveRecord

26,848 下载

ki_middleman 1.0.0

Transforms JSON into other JSON

26,449 下载

shutl_auth 0.9.3

Library used for using Shutl OAuth2 bearer tokens

26,218 下载

uorm 0.0.15

A modular, flexible and lightweight ORM

26,218 下载

orchestrated 0.0.14

a workflow orchestration framework running on delayed_job and active_record

26,058 下载

elastic_queue 0.1.0

A library for storing and filtering documents on elastic search with a queue paradigm f...

25,953 下载

backup2everbox 0.2.0

backup to EverBox

25,570 下载

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这个版本 1,897,594

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