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Reverse dependencies for coveralls_reborn Latest version of the following gems require coveralls_reborn

watir 6.19.1

Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby It facilitates the writing of automate...

14,539,503 下載

client_side_validations 18.1.0

Client Side Validations made easy for your Rails 5 applications

2,760,093 下載

route_translator 10.0.0

Translates the Rails routes of your application into the languages defined in your loca...

1,455,925 下載

docx 0.6.2

thin wrapper around rubyzip and nokogiri as a way to get started with docx files

1,097,388 下載

goldiloader 4.1.0

Automatically eager loads Rails associations as associations are traversed

1,038,895 下載

client_side_validations-simple_form 13.0.0

SimpleForm Plugin for ClientSideValidations

951,254 下載

we-call 0.12.1

Handles conventions of making calls to other services, with required metadata for track...

229,718 下載

client_side_validations-mongoid 11.1.0

Mongoid Plugin for ClientSideValidations

115,988 下載

delayed_job_heartbeat_plugin 0.4.0

Delayed::Job plugin to unlock jobs from dead workers

75,720 下載

twbs_sass_rails 10.2.0

Provides assets for Bootstrap and FontAwesome in your Rails application.

75,188 下載

lurker 1.0.0

The new de-facto for API testing your Rails application

63,532 下載

delayed_job_groups_plugin 0.7.0

Aggregates Delayed::Job jobs into groups with group level management and lifecycle call...

63,348 下載

datev 0.11.0

Provides an easy way to create CSV files which can be imported into accounting applicat...

48,022 下載

mihari 3.2.0

A framework for continuous OSINT based threat hunting

37,321 下載

mongoid-likeable 6.1.0

Add likes to your Mongoid documents

36,777 下載

chaltron 2.0.3

A ready-to-go application with authentication, authorization, logging... with bootstrap...

36,346 下載

railsstrap 3.3.4

Make rails and bootstrap sing with awesome helpers, additional components, and more.

36,113 下載

skull_island 2.3.4

A Ruby SDK for Kong

23,803 下載

pdf_cover 0.3.2

Provides processors for both Carrierwave and Paperclip to allow ...

15,417 下載

image_flux 1.2.0

URL builder for ImageFlux

8,471 下載

postgres-vacuum-monitor 0.12.0

Queries ActiveRecord DBs for info regarding auto vacuum processes and long running quer...

8,282 下載

heytmux 0.2.0

Tmux scripting made easy

3,494 下載

financial_calculator 3.3.0

The financial calculator library provides a Ruby interface for performing common financ...

3,410 下載

spysex 0.2.0

Spyse API wrapper for Ruby

2,083 下載

censysx 0.1.1

Censys Search v2 API wrapper for Ruby

800 下載

s3-toolkit 0.1.0

Simple tools to download contents of s3 buckets when the aws cli is to big a dependency...

576 下載

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