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color 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require color

pdf-writer 1.1.8

This library provides the ability to create PDF documents using only native Ruby librar...

766,296 下载

miro 0.4.0

Extract the dominant colors from an image.

201,089 下载

colorscore 0.0.5

Finds the dominant colors in an image and scores them against a user-defined palette, u...

87,566 下载

rmthemegen 0.0.49

create syntax highlighting themes for textmate, sublime, aptana, rubymine, and geany

79,178 下载

geo_pattern 1.4.0

Generate SVG beautiful patterns

73,133 下载

shade 0.0.1

Using CIE L*a*b* and kdtrees, take a color (from LESS, SCSS, or other ...

34,927 下载

iroki 0.0.36

Command line app and library code for Iroki, a phylogenetic tree customization program.

33,462 下载

color_namer 0.1.0

ColorNamer is a gem that allows you to name color from RGB value or from HTML hash. It ...

33,320 下载

colorb 0.0.9

Colorify strings in your terminal, 256 colors supported.

30,623 下载

ringleader 1.1.8

TCP application host and proxy server

27,740 下载

coltrane 4.0.6

It deals with all sorts of calculations around music theory and allows for graphical re...

19,533 下载

huey 2.1.0

Everything you could want for making Phillips Hue lightbulbs obey your every command.

18,481 下载

code_rippa 1.0.1

Converts source code into a (bookmarked, themed, and syntax highlighted!) PDF.

18,359 下载

smurfville 0.1.2

Smurfville is the home of SMURF, a new and modular approach to Rails frontend developme...

18,034 下载

coloractor 0.0.3

A simple ruby wrapper around colorific Python script.

17,936 下载

gradient 0.5.1

Library for dealing with color gradients in ruby

16,297 下载

limitless-led 0.2.1

A Ruby gem for controlling the LimitlessLED v3.0 RGBW color-changing light bulbs, based...

16,045 下载

cloud-mu 3.4.0

The eGTLabs Mu toolkit for unified cloud deployments. This gem contains the Mu deployme...

13,801 下载

derailed-ziya 2.1.5

Easily add charting to your rails/merb applications

13,621 下载

rails-data-explorer 1.0.4

rails-data-explorer is a Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to explore the data in ...

13,199 下载

bspin 1.1.0

This has a variety of spinners that sit in the middle of the page as an overlay.

10,801 下载

wasko 0.2.3

Wasko colors your day/terminal

9,266 下载

rcade_colors 0.0.6

Provides additional CSS Hex value and opacity support for Gosu.

9,133 下载

svg_plot_gen 1.1.1

Creates the axes and gridlines for a graph in SVG. Perfect for creating a static backgr...

8,219 下载

sir_tracks_alot 0.6.2

A high speed general purpose tracking and reporting tool which uses Redis.

7,870 下载

color_gradient 0.2.1

Gradient calculation using Color gem objects.

6,974 下载

extreme_feedback_device 0.0.4

Fetches Jobs from a Jenkins CI via the REST JSON API and sets LEDs of an Extreme Feedba...

6,866 下载

css_compare 0.2.0

Processes, evaluates and compares 2 different CSS files based on their AST.

6,600 下载

imagga 0.0.5

Ruby client for accessing Imagga API

6,559 下载

jnylen-colorscore 0.1.3

Finds the dominant colors in an image and scores them against a user-defined palette, u...

5,560 下载

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