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colorの被依存性 1.8

pdf-writer 1.1.8

This library provides the ability to create PDF documents using only native Ruby librar...

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miro 0.4.0

Extract the dominant colors from an image.

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colorscore 0.0.5

Finds the dominant colors in an image and scores them against a user-defined palette, u...

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rmthemegen 0.0.49

create syntax highlighting themes for textmate, sublime, aptana, rubymine, and geany

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geo_pattern 1.4.0

Generate SVG beautiful patterns

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iroki 0.0.36

Command line app and library code for Iroki, a phylogenetic tree customization program.

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colorb 0.0.9

Colorify strings in your terminal, 256 colors supported.

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ringleader 1.1.8

TCP application host and proxy server

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color_namer 0.1.0

ColorNamer is a gem that allows you to name color from RGB value or from HTML hash. It ...

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shade 0.0.1

Using CIE L*a*b* and kdtrees, take a color (from LESS, SCSS, or other ...

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smurfville 0.1.2

Smurfville is the home of SMURF, a new and modular approach to Rails frontend developme...

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code_rippa 1.0.1

Converts source code into a (bookmarked, themed, and syntax highlighted!) PDF.

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huey 2.1.0

Everything you could want for making Phillips Hue lightbulbs obey your every command.

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coloractor 0.0.3

A simple ruby wrapper around colorific Python script.

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coltrane 4.0.6

It deals with all sorts of calculations around music theory and allows for graphical re...

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limitless-led 0.2.1

A Ruby gem for controlling the LimitlessLED v3.0 RGBW color-changing light bulbs, based...

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gradient 0.5.1

Library for dealing with color gradients in ruby

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derailed-ziya 2.1.5

Easily add charting to your rails/merb applications

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rails-data-explorer 1.0.4

rails-data-explorer is a Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to explore the data in ...

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bspin 1.1.0

This has a variety of spinners that sit in the middle of the page as an overlay.

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wasko 0.2.3

Wasko colors your day/terminal

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rcade_colors 0.0.6

Provides additional CSS Hex value and opacity support for Gosu.

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cloud-mu 3.1.6

The eGTLabs Mu toolkit for unified cloud deployments. This gem contains the Mu deployme...

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svg_plot_gen 1.1.1

Creates the axes and gridlines for a graph in SVG. Perfect for creating a static backgr...

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sir_tracks_alot 0.6.2

A high speed general purpose tracking and reporting tool which uses Redis.

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extreme_feedback_device 0.0.4

Fetches Jobs from a Jenkins CI via the REST JSON API and sets LEDs of an Extreme Feedba...

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color_gradient 0.2.1

Gradient calculation using Color gem objects.

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imagga 0.0.5

Ruby client for accessing Imagga API

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css_compare 0.2.0

Processes, evaluates and compares 2 different CSS files based on their AST.

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open_conference_ware 1.0.0.pre4

OpenConferenceWare is an open source web application for events and conferences. This c...

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