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Dependencias inversas para cloudinary Latest version of the following gems require cloudinary

attachinary 1.3.1

Attachments handler for Rails that uses Cloudinary for storage.

344.692 Descargas

paperclip-cloudinary 1.3.2

Store Paperclip-managed assets with Cloudinary. Requires a free Cloudinary account to g...

93.787 Descargas

minimum_viable_product 0.7.15

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

90.241 Descargas

mtdevise 16.1.0

MTDevise Rails 5.1 engine that adds multi-tenant basecamp style user logins (multi-tena...

89.556 Descargas

shrine-cloudinary 1.1.1

Provides Cloudinary storage for Shrine.

62.414 Descargas

mtwarden 17.1.0

MTWarden Rails 5.1 engine adds basecamp style user logins (multi-tenant authetication u...

49.409 Descargas

wordjelly-auth 1.6.0

Simple authentication solution for any rails app.

44.861 Descargas

type_station 0.7.0

A simple CMS that just works and can be bolted onto a rails app with easy.

35.534 Descargas

dragonfly-cloudinary 0.1.1

Simple cloudinary data store for Dragonfly

15.167 Descargas

spree_cloudinary 0.0.5

Spree extension to use carrierwave/cloudinary instead of paperclip.

9.842 Descargas

attachy 0.4.1

Attachments handler for Rails via Cloudinary.

8.562 Descargas

pwb 1.4.0

PropertyWebBuilder lets you build great real estate websites fast.

8.281 Descargas

minimum-viable-product 0.0.7

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

7.188 Descargas

lolzinary 1.0.1

Lolzinary is an extension to the lolcommits gem, which uploads your images to cloudinar...

5.264 Descargas

phcthemebasic 1.1.0

PHCThemeBasic Rails Theme Engine. CSS and JavaScript pack for Rails based projects.

3.758 Descargas

bridgetown-cloudinary 1.2.0

Embed or access images with transformations using Cloudinary

3.724 Descargas

middleman-image-uploader-tag 0.0.2

The remote_image_tag helper provide you automatic image upload to external hosting ...

3.446 Descargas

yarii-cloudinary 0.2.6

Allows images to be loaded and viewed in Yarii via the Cloudinary service

3.350 Descargas

dragonfly-cloudinary-datastore 0.1

Cloudinary based data store for Dragonfly. Works with the latest read write destory int...

1.771 Descargas

solidus_cloudinary 0.0.6

Spree extension to use carrierwave/cloudinary instead of paperclip.

1.573 Descargas

alchemy_cloudinary 1.0.0

AlchemyCMS Cloudinary Integration.

1.116 Descargas

imgo 0.1.0

You can optimize images by using this gem over cloudinary.

956 Descargas

jinda_engine 0.6.0

Generate Rails workflow engine from mind map: Freemind

612 Descargas

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