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chunky_png 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require chunky_png

aamva 0.2.0

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27,859 下载

compass-sourcemaps 0.12.4.sourcemaps.a4836f1

Compass is a Sass-based Stylesheet Framework that streamlines the creation and maintena...

26,898 下载

pngqr 0.6

Ruby Gem to generate PNG files with QR codes in them

26,634 下载

compass-magick 0.1.6

Dynamic image generation for Compass using ChunkyPNG/PhantomJS.

24,240 下载

benoit 0.4.0

The CLI interface behind the Benoit Mac app

23,782 下载

lineup 0.7.3

lineup takes to screenshots of your app and compares them to references in order to fin...

23,575 下载

midwife 0.0.8

A collection of preprocessors for frontend development

22,848 下载

tiny_png_checker 0.1.2

This library check for PNG metadata that indicates TinyPNG is applied on files, the ide...

22,620 下载

resedit 1.8.6

OG resource proc library!

22,464 下载

jumio_rock 0.0.7

Netverify is a customer-friendly technology that utilizes computer vision technology to...

22,196 下载

chunky_text 0.3.1

chunky_text is a gem for writing vector text over png images (depends on chunky_png). ...

21,916 下载

browsery 0.5.5

Browsery is a browser automation test framework

21,277 下载

geojson2image 0.2.2

Ruby library for generating images from GeoJSON

20,752 下载

pdf_margins 0.3.1

Simple library to checks whether the margins are clear in a PDF

20,659 下载

sass-extras 1.1.0

A collection of SASS functions and helper methods.

20,291 下载


Tortoise is a Logo interpreter for ruby.

20,236 下载

0xffffff 0.1.0

A Tool to Upload 0xffffff Images to Flickr

19,457 下载

mathjax-renderer 0.0.9

In case there is a need to pre-render MathJax expressions or insert as images

19,357 下载

spree-point-of-sale 1.2.1

Extend functionality for spree to give shop like ordering ability through admin end

18,761 下载

screenshot 0.0.7

A library for taking and cropping screenshots of web pages. It uses Selenium and chunky...

18,744 下载

sassy_noise 0.1.5

a sass port of the noisy js plugin as a compass extension that creates backgrond noise ...

17,911 下载

bumpspark 2.0.0

Generates transparent PNG and Data URI bumpspark-style sparklines. Use from Ruby direct...

17,512 下载

mikunyan 3.9.11

Library to deserialize Unity assetbundles and assets.

16,499 下载

diffux-core 0.0.6

Tools for taking and comparing responsive website snapshots

16,387 下载

ringcentral-avatars 0.5.0

Create RingCentral avatars using Gmail-style avatars

16,184 下载

rainbow_gradient 0.0.7

A Ruby library to generate gradient.

15,827 下载

ruby_mapnik 0.1.5

A set of bindings between Ruby and Mapnik. Supports many of the common uses for Mapnik...

15,758 下载

fishbans 2.0.0

Accessing the Fishbans Minecraft API through HTTPClient. Has methods for all Fishban AP...

15,627 下载

russian_post 0.1.4

Russian Post tracking toolset, consisting tracking form bot (since Russian Post is too ...

15,613 下载

silkscreen 0.1.2

Command line utility to take screenshots

15,570 下载

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