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capistrano-bundlerの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require capistrano-bundler

capistrano-rails 1.6.2

Rails specific Capistrano tasks

24,474,812 ダウンロード

capistrano-sidekiq 2.3.0

Sidekiq integration for Capistrano

6,558,917 ダウンロード

capistrano3-puma 5.2.0

Puma integration for Capistrano 3

5,130,396 ダウンロード

magic_recipes_two 0.0.94

MagicRecipesTwo contains our most used deployment recipes for Capistrano-3.

191,096 ダウンロード

negroku 2.8.6

Deploy applications right out of the box using nginx, unicorn, bower, rails, etc

143,926 ダウンロード

capistrano-bundle_audit 0.4.0

Audit a project's gem dependencies before deployment

112,364 ダウンロード

capistrano-foreman 1.4.0

Capistrano tasks for foreman and upstart/systemd.

97,739 ダウンロード

pvcglue 0.9.6

PVC_Glue description

76,159 ダウンロード

caploy 2.0.0

capistrano deployment helpling

73,807 ダウンロード

capun 0.0.37

Opinionated Rails deployment solution with CAPistrano, Unicorn and Nginx. It helps to m...

70,998 ダウンロード

madscience 0.0.29

Install the current versions of the MadScience stack. This stack includes Vagrant, Chef...

64,583 ダウンロード

h2ocube_rails_development 0.7.1

Just a collection for development gems

60,586 ダウンロード

deploy_mate 0.26.3

This is how we deploy around here.

58,657 ダウンロード

capistrano3-autoscaling-deploy 1.6

Get all instances in an AutoScaling group by AutoScaling EC2 Tag and depoy.

46,034 ダウンロード

panter-rails-deploy 1.4.1

Capistrano setup for Panter Rails Hosting

45,174 ダウンロード

vpsb 1.1.8

From instalation server and configure to deploy

42,491 ダウンロード

capistrano-devops 0.0.15


41,649 ダウンロード

rgentpl 1.2.6

Ruby Skeleton Generator based in templates

38,483 ダウンロード

webflow_cap 0.3.2

Deploy Rails apps

33,415 ダウンロード

capistrano-karafka 1.4.4

Karafka integration for Capistrano

31,425 ダウンロード

capistrano-cluster 0.0.18

Setup tasks and role additions for capistrano

22,341 ダウンロード

family_gallery 0.0.8

A picture gallery supporting tagging, groups and much more.

18,779 ダウンロード

capistrano-twingly 4.1.0

Capistrano 3 tasks used for Twingly's Ruby deployment

18,263 ダウンロード

beerify 0.2.0

The rails engine which lets you the time to drink some beers!

16,170 ダウンロード

silvermind_deployment 0.0.9

Simplified Deployment using Capistrano, Unicorn and Eye

15,035 ダウンロード

capistrano-rdws 0.0.5

This gem is a bundle of capistrano 3 recipes used for RDWS projects

14,333 ダウンロード

capistrano-uberspace 1.1.2

uberspace support for your rails app for Capistrano 3.x

12,055 ダウンロード

capistrano-pinned_releases 1.4.0

Capistrano extension to pin and unpin releases. Pinned releases don't get deleted durin...

11,597 ダウンロード

capistrano-rpm 1.0.0

Publish deployment notifications to New Relic

9,694 ダウンロード

capistrano-sunspot 1.0.0

Capistrano task for sunspot

9,583 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 35,249,336

このバージョンのみ 761,283

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