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bump 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require bump

spring 3.0.0

Preloads your application so things like console, rake and tests run faster

91,473,387 下载

css_parser 1.10.0

A set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.

57,608,977 下载

rack-cache 1.12.1

Rack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-ba...

48,915,611 下载

premailer 1.15.0

Improve the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning...

35,925,884 下载

recaptcha 5.8.1

Helpers for the reCAPTCHA API

24,484,258 下载

fast_gettext 2.1.0

A simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe implementation of GetText

23,848,428 下载

test_after_commit 1.2.2

makes after_commit callbacks testable in Rails 3+ with transactional_fixtures

14,327,512 下载

gettext_i18n_rails 1.8.1

Simple FastGettext Rails integration.

10,967,869 下载

js-routes 2.1.0

Generates javascript file that defines all Rails named routes as javascript helpers

7,616,679 下载

pact-mock_service 3.9.1

Provides a mock service for use with Pact

4,778,695 下载

pact-support 1.16.8

Shared code for Pact gems

4,705,281 下载

pact 1.59.0

Enables consumer driven contract testing, providing a mock service and DSL for the cons...

4,535,621 下载

fluent-plugin-kubernetes_metadata_filter 2.9.0

Filter plugin to add Kubernetes metadata

4,238,948 下载

fakefs 1.3.2

A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.

3,199,164 下载

rspec-rerun 1.1.0

Re-run failed RSpec tests.

2,261,924 下载

ar_after_transaction 0.7.0

Execute irreversible actions only when transactions are not rolled back

2,219,624 下载

html_to_plain_text 1.0.5

A simple library for converting HTML into an approximation in plain text.

1,674,468 下载

libhoney 1.20.0

Ruby gem for sending data to Honeycomb

1,548,239 下载

bitfields 0.14.0

Save migrations and columns by storing multiple booleans in a single integer

1,252,705 下载

honeycomb-beeline 2.7.0

Instrument your Ruby apps with Honeycomb

1,091,771 下载

minitest-around 0.5.0

Alternative for setup/teardown dance.

1,028,084 下载

active_record_shards 3.19.0

Easily run queries on shard and replica databases.

966,004 下载

after_transaction_commit 2.2.2

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.after_transaction_commit { ... }

846,885 下载

inst-jobs 2.4.3

Instructure-maintained fork of delayed_job

798,553 下载

bumbler 0.8.0

Find slowly loading gems for your Bundler-based projects

634,885 下载

stronger_parameters 2.13.0

Type checking and type casting of parameters for Action Pack

564,382 下载

checkr-official 1.7.1

Checkr - Background check platform for the New World of Work. See https://docs.checkr.c...

555,424 下载

jenkins_pipeline_builder 1.10.0

This is a simple and easy-to-use Jenkins Pipeline generator with features focused on au...

535,034 下载

ie_iframe_cookies 0.2.0

Rails: Enabled cookies inside IFrames for IE via p3p headers

527,493 下载

restpack_serializer 0.6.13

Model serialization, paging, side-loading and filtering

459,675 下载

下载总次数 2,542,815

这个版本 216,046

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0