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beefcake 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require beefcake

riemann-client 0.2.6

Client for the distributed event system Riemann.

6,998,821 下载

skylight 4.3.2

Skylight is a smart profiler for Rails, Sinatra, and other Ruby apps.

5,826,581 下载

skylight-core 4.3.2

The core methods of the Skylight profiler.

2,577,825 下载

riak-client 2.6.0

riak-client is a rich client for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It supports t...

614,036 下载

riemann-babbler 2.8.5

Monitoring tool for riemann

317,585 下载

loggregator_emitter 5.2.0

Library to emit data to Loggregator

133,651 下载

kurchatov 0.4.7

Gem for monitoring with riemann.

79,635 下载

fraggle 4.0.1

An EventMachine Client for Doozer

53,893 下载

evrone-ci-message 0.0.4

Evrone CI messages

35,501 下载

ffwd-protobuf 0.4.7

protobuf reference protocol support for FFWD.

31,070 下载

vx-message 0.6.3

Evrone CI messages

28,048 下载

kinetic-ruby 0.6.4

Seagate Kinetic Protocol implementation and examples for developing Kinetic clients in ...

22,784 下载

lds-cf-plugin 0.4.4

Cloud Foundry commands for LDS PaaS.

21,711 下载

protoplasm-blocking-client 0.1.8

A blocking client for a Protoplasm server.

18,232 下载

protoplasm-em-server 0.1.8

A protoplasm server backed by EventMachine.

18,069 下载

tail-cf-plugin 0.0.22.pre

CF command line tool to tail CF Application Logs

16,415 下载

ustate-client 0.0.8

Client for the distributed state server ustate.

16,058 下载

warden-protocol 0.1.4

Protocol specification for Warden

14,830 下载

logstash-input-zenoss 2.0.7

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

13,881 下载

loggregator_messages 0.1.0.pre

Library for all of the protocol buffer messages.

12,686 下载

estore 0.1.3

TCP driver to read and write events to Event Store

10,640 下载

overlook-csgo 0.2.9

Ruby access to CS:GO demo files.

9,983 下载

aliyun_sls 0.0.7

Gem for SLS of Aliyun

9,787 下载

better-riak-client 1.0.7

better-riak-client is an improved version of Basho's official Ruby client for Riak. It'...

9,258 下载

aliyun_sls_sdk 0.0.9

Gem for SDK of SLS of Aliyun

8,193 下载

fraggle-block 0.2.0

A synchronous Ruby client for Doozer.

7,568 下载

ruby_cqrs 0.2.3

a ruby implementation of cqrs, using event sourcing

4,657 下载

steam-proto 0.1.3

Load Steam's Protobuf objects from the Steam Client, CSGO, etc.

3,564 下载

vx-lib-message 0.6.6

Evrone CI messages

3,294 下载

protoplasm-server 0.0.1

The protoplasm server.

2,685 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9.3