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babel-transpiler 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require babel-transpiler

sprockets 4.0.2

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

258,415,072 下载

react-rails 2.6.1

Render components in views or controller actions. Server-side rendering powered by Exec...

15,534,532 下载

sprockets-es6 0.9.2

A Sprockets transformer that converts ES6 code into vanilla ES5 with Babel JS.

6,050,597 下载

jekyll-assets 3.0.12

A drop-in Jekyll Plugin that provides an asset pipeline for JavaScript, CSS, SASS, SCSS...

1,049,090 下载

hanami-assets 1.3.5

Assets management for Ruby web applications

265,634 下载

ember-es6_template 0.7.0

The tilt template for Ember specified ES6.

168,612 下载

starscope 1.5.7

Starscope is a code indexer, search and navigation tool for Ruby, Golang, and JavaScrip...

76,491 下载

linner 0.12.0

HTML5 Application Assembler

70,825 下载

marfa 0.10.2

Sinatra-based wrapper for our projects

40,202 下载

jekyll-babel 1.1.0

A Babel converter for Jekyll.

30,495 下载

sprockets-babel 0.0.6

Transpile ES6 files with BabelJS.

17,406 下载

es6_tilt 0.1.2

Transforms .js files into js files so you can write es6 code and use it in your views.

12,656 下载

babel-rails 0.3.0

ES2015+ adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.

8,945 下载

es6-rails 0.3.5

Enables use of ES6 in assets, views and inline.

8,040 下载

spina-conferences-primer_theme 0.5.2

Frontend for Spina::Admin::Conferences plugin, based on Primer.

7,504 下载

sprockets-babel-miniracer 0.0.12

Transpile ES6 files with BabelJS.

7,165 下载

lotus-assets 0.1.0

Assets management for Ruby web applications

4,613 下载

session_timeout_prompter 1.0.0

A Rails Engine to prompt the user when their session is about to timeout and allow them...

3,721 下载

sprockets_cdn 0.1.1

a cdn assets for sprockets, upload assets to upyun/qiniu

3,451 下载

startback-web 0.8.3

Web variant of startback

2,951 下载

bits-n-pieces 0.1.0

A frontend stack for pieces gem

1,987 下载

ainner 0.12.0

HTML5 Application Assembler

1,826 下载

rails-es6 0.0.2

Babel adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.

1,774 下载

babel-es6-rails 0.1.0

Adds the Babel transpiler for Sprockets 4 and makes Rails generate ES6 scripts by default.

1,727 下载

xat_support 1.29.3

Support to help you develop Zendesk Apps.

1,419 下载

spina-admin-journal 0.4.2

Manage journal submissions and publications within SpinaCMS.

1,089 下载

linner-hc 1.0.0

HTML5 Application Assembler

1,061 下载

下载总次数 21,231,989

这个版本 21,181,040

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