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aws-sdk-ssm 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require aws-sdk-ssm

aws-sdk-resources 3.124.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

256,573,334 下载

train-aws 0.2.24

Allows applications using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

1,419,556 下载

global 2.0.0

Simple way to load your configs from yaml/aws/gcp

876,862 下载

aws-ssm-env 0.1.2

Set parameters acquired from AWS EC2 Parameter Store as environment variables.

395,700 下载

jets 3.0.22

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

308,616 下载

stack_master 2.13.1

StackMaster is a sure-footed way of creating, updating and keeping track of Amazon (AWS...

213,740 下载

lono 7.5.1

The CloudFormation Framework

193,854 下载

hako 2.15.1

Deploy Docker container

177,850 下载

MovableInkAWS 2.3.2

AWS Utility methods for MovableInk

134,559 下载

persey 2.0.2

Persey helps you easily load configs from different files and use them from one variabl...

68,861 下载

lamby 3.1.1

Simple Rails & AWS Lambda Integration using Rack and various utilities.

57,031 下载

cai-ecs-entrypoint 2.0.1

Injects SSM parameters into Docker containers running on AWS ECS

44,650 下载

psenv 0.8.0

Load AWS SSM Parameter Store values into your environment.

38,652 下载

cody 1.0.5

Cody provides a beautiful DSL to create and manage AWS CodeBuild projects

38,498 下载

simple_parameter_store 0.2.1

Simple abstraction of AWS SSM Parameter Store.

33,630 下载

stax 0.1.9

Stax is a flexible set of ruby classes for wrangling your cloudformation stacks.

31,524 下载

yamload 0.6.0

YAML files loader with validation

30,199 下载

blinkist-config 1.3.1

This GEM allows you to keep your configuration class-based by calling Blinkist::Config....

27,406 下载

parameterstore_databag_wrapper 0.0.4

'Wrapper for obtaining secrets from ParameterStore for use with Chef as EncryptedDataba...

26,949 下载

terraspace_plugin_aws 0.3.0

Terraspace AWS Plugin

25,846 下载

simplygenius-atmos 0.13.1

Atmos provides a terraform scaffold for creating cloud system architectures

25,238 下载

hekate 0.2.0.pre1

A simple rails interface for hiding secrets in AWS EC2 Parameters

19,987 下载

ssmenv 0.2.0

Easily store local environment configuration to Amazon SSM Parameter Store

18,276 下载

pipedream 0.4.5

A beautiful and powerful DSL to create and manage AWS CodePipeline pipelines

17,839 下载

sonic-screwdriver 2.2.7

Multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure

17,665 下载

codebuild 0.6.7

CodeBuild DSL Tool to Quickly Create CodeBuild Project

15,543 下载

ecs_helper 0.0.34

A simple gem which make CI CD process easier for AWS ECS service

13,951 下载

smps 0.5.1

SMPS - Systems Manager Parameter Store.

12,798 下载

cfn-vpn 1.3.4

creates and manages resources for the aws client vpn

12,175 下载

architect-functions 0.5.3

Runtime helpers for AWS Lambda functions provisioned with Architect

10,629 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3