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aws-sdk-kinesisの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require aws-sdk-kinesis

aws-sdk-resources 3.141.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

284,197,663 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-kinesis-aggregation 0.4.1

Fluentd output plugin that sends KPL style aggregated events to Amazon Kinesis.

17,832,234 ダウンロード

logstash-logger 0.26.1

Ruby logger that writes directly to LogStash

16,253,068 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-kinesis 3.4.2

Fluentd output plugin that sends events to Amazon Kinesis.

8,483,556 ダウンロード

train-aws 0.2.24

Allows applications using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

1,833,540 ダウンロード

jets 3.1.5

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

466,020 ダウンロード

journaled 5.1.1

A Rails engine to durably deliver schematized events to Amazon Kinesis via DelayedJob.

225,884 ダウンロード

conrad 3.0.0

Tool for auditing events.

76,370 ダウンロード

lucid-cumulus 0.11.21

Cumulus allows you to manage your AWS infrastructure by creating JSON configuration fil...

35,714 ダウンロード

nypl_ruby_util 0.1.1

A repository of common utilities for NYPL Ruby application

12,084 ダウンロード

send_aws_kinesis_event 1.0.5


8,228 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-kinesis-modified 3.1.5

Fluentd output plugin that sends events to Amazon Kinesis. Forked from fluent-plugin-ki...

5,097 ダウンロード

kismet 0.1.1

Kismet offers a quick way to dump data to a AWS Kinesis stream

2,887 ダウンロード

jets_bb_fork 0.0.4

Fork of rubyonJets - emergency fix for handling AWS CF 60 Output limit. Will PR later....

2,043 ダウンロード

adp-fluent-plugin-kinesis 0.0.2

Fork of plugin created by AWS

2,042 ダウンロード

logstash-logger-yajl 0.27.0

Ruby logger that writes directly to LogStash

1,548 ダウンロード

fluentd-plugin-kinesis-intuit 2.1.1

Fluentd output plugin that sends events to Amazon Kinesis.

1,492 ダウンロード

kcl-rb 1.0.0

A pure ruby interface for Amazon Kinesis Client.

1,353 ダウンロード

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