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administrateの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require administrate

administrate-field-acts_as_taggable 0.0.4

Improved tag management for Administrate

18,445 ダウンロード

administrate-field-json 0.0.4

JSON field plugin for Administrate

17,084 ダウンロード

administrate-field-state_machine 0.2.0

A plugin to handle state machine attributes in Administrate

15,603 ダウンロード

administrate-field-enumerize 1.0.0

Plugin for adding Enumerize gem support in Administrate.

15,033 ダウンロード

administrate-field-globalize-string 0.0.1.alpha3

Globalized string and text field plugin for Administrate

15,030 ダウンロード

administrate-field-globalize 0.0.1.alpha3

Globalized string and text field plugin for Administrate

15,018 ダウンロード

administrate-field-collection_select 0.3.0

Custom Administrate field collection_select

14,804 ダウンロード

administrate-field-refile 0.0.7

Easily add Refile fields to your administrate views

14,183 ダウンロード

administrate-field-trix 0.0.3

A plugin to use the Trix WYSIWYG editor in Administrate

13,591 ダウンロード

administrate-field-time 0.0.5

Time field plugin for Administrate

13,501 ダウンロード

administrate-field-globalize-text 0.0.1.alpha3

Globalized string and text field plugin for Administrate

13,424 ダウンロード

administrate-field-list 0.0.6

simple plugin in order to be able to view and edit serialized list within Administrate.

12,262 ダウンロード

viniBaxter-spa-nested_has_many 300.0.6

Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate

12,191 ダウンロード

administrate-field-mobility-text 0.0.2

Mobility text field plugin for Administrate

11,710 ダウンロード

administrate-field-mobility-string 0.0.2

Mobility string field plugin for Administrate

11,708 ダウンロード

administrate-field-mobility 0.0.2

Mobility string and text field plugin for Administrate

11,702 ダウンロード

administrate_batch_actions 0.3.4

Batch Actions plugin for Administrate

11,341 ダウンロード

administrate-materialize-theme 1.0.0

A Material Design theme for Administrate using Materialize framework

10,893 ダウンロード

administrate_collapsible_navigation 0.0.4

Collapsible navigation for Administrate

10,539 ダウンロード

administrate-field-froala 0.1.4

Plugin for adding Froala WYSIWYG editor support in Administrate

10,221 ダウンロード

worker-field-nested_has_many 0.7.0

Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate

9,959 ダウンロード

administrate-default_order 0.1.0

Add default ordering to Administrate controllers

8,783 ダウンロード

administrate-field-type 1.0.1

Adds an Administrate::Field::Type for allowing the selection of an STI subtype in dashb...

8,662 ダウンロード

mobile_workflow_cli 0.1.7

CLI tool for Mobile Workflow

8,648 ダウンロード

administrate-field-i18n_enum 0.1.6

A plugin to i18n enum attribute select box in Administrate.

8,057 ダウンロード

administrate-field-code 0.2.1

A text field that shows a code block.

7,861 ダウンロード

administrate-field-markdown 0.0.2

Markdown field plugin for Administrate

6,712 ダウンロード

viniBaxter-spa-belongs_to_search 4.0.0

Add support to search through (potentially large) belongs_to associations in your Admin...

6,277 ダウンロード

administrate-field-ordered_has_many 0.1.0

Plugin that allows managing ordered has_many associations within Administrate.

6,132 ダウンロード

administrate-field-select_essential 0.1.0

Custom Administrate field select_essential

6,106 ダウンロード

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