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actionview 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require actionview

komponent 2.2.0

An opinionated way of organizing front-end code in Ruby on Rails, based on components

30,817 下载

nestive-rails 1.0.2

A Better Nested Inheritable Layouts Plugin for Rails 5

30,356 下载

kaminari-sinatra 1.0.1

kaminari-sinatra privides pagination helpers for your Sinatra templates

28,026 下载

simple_navigation_bootstrap 1.3.0

This gem adds Bootstrap2 and Bootstrap3 renderers for SimpleNavigation

26,276 下载

vue-rails-form-builder 0.8.3

This gem provides four view helpers for Rails app: vue_form_with, vue_form_for, vue_tag...

26,104 下载

iesde 2.2.2

Esta não é uma versão oficial

26,098 下载

primer_view_components 0.0.57

ViewComponents for the Primer Design System

25,955 下载

bs_form_builder 0.2.3

A Rails form builder for bootstrap style forms.

25,933 下载

ft_42 0.4.4

General information for 42 students

25,587 下载

rouge-rails 0.2.1

Simple template handler for rouge code samples

25,127 下载

file_column_with_s3 0.3.0

File attachment library for ruby

24,949 下载

notification-renderer 3.0.3

Render your notifications in various contexts.

24,492 下载

lumberyak 0.1.5

LumberYak enables structured logging via JSON for any Rails application

23,471 下载

global_error_handler 1.2.3

On the middleware level catch an exception from Rails app and store in the separated Re...

23,270 下载

is_bot 2.0.1

Simple gem to reduce the spam attacks on sign-up, sign-in and other similar sorts of fo...

21,429 下载

savagery 0.6.1

Ruthlessly sprites SVGs

20,422 下载

killbill-stripe 6.0.1

Kill Bill payment plugin for Stripe.

20,117 下载

restspec 0.3.2

RSpec macros, helpers and matchers to work with APIs

20,094 下载

nexmo_markdown_renderer 0.9.1

Middleware to render Markdown Documents in Nexmo Developer Platform.

18,258 下载

rubanok 0.4.0

Parameters-based transformation DSL

17,380 下载

killbill-orbital 0.1.18

Kill Bill payment plugin for Orbital.

16,664 下载

kono_utils 1.1.4

Gemma per che raccoglie varie tipologie di classi di utilità varia che possono servire ...

16,345 下载

eu_cookies 1.1.2

A Rails solution to the European Cookie Law issue

16,217 下载

we_bridge-auto_view_helper 0.0.10

helper used in we-bridge

14,736 下载

content_for_once 0.1.5

Seems like `content_for`, content_for_once embed the HTML tags(especially, `javascript_...

14,600 下载

sprockets-vue 0.1.0

A Sprockets transformer that converts .vue file into js object.

14,421 下载

devise-onesignal 4.0.1

Implement user targeted cross-platform notifications with OneSignal & Devise in you...

14,332 下载

foundation_form_builder 1.1.0

Rails FormBuilder for use with ZURB Foundation.

14,165 下载

turbostreamer 1.9.0

Stream JSON via a Builder-style DSL

12,962 下载

rbexy 1.1.0

A Ruby template language inspired by JSX

12,788 下载

下载总次数 258,333,627

这个版本 876,411

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0