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actionviewの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require actionview

rouge-rails 0.2.1

Simple template handler for rouge code samples

21,092 ダウンロード

global_error_handler 1.2.3

On the middleware level catch an exception from Rails app and store in the separated Re...

19,748 ダウンロード

iesde 2.2.2

Esta não é uma versão oficial

19,632 ダウンロード

ft_42 0.4.4

General information for 42 students

19,323 ダウンロード

is_bot 2.0.1

Simple gem to reduce the spam attacks on sign-up, sign-in and other similar sorts of fo...

19,297 ダウンロード

chris_lib 1.1.9

It includes maths, datetime, and rspec access test libraries.

17,373 ダウンロード

vue-rails-form-builder 0.8.3

This gem provides four view helpers for Rails app: vue_form_with, vue_form_for, vue_tag...

17,301 ダウンロード

savagery 0.6.1

Ruthlessly sprites SVGs

17,063 ダウンロード

restspec 0.3.2

RSpec macros, helpers and matchers to work with APIs

16,902 ダウンロード

killbill-stripe 6.0.1

Kill Bill payment plugin for Stripe.

16,424 ダウンロード

notification-renderer 3.0.3

Render your notifications in various contexts.

16,079 ダウンロード

we_bridge-auto_view_helper 0.0.10

helper used in we-bridge

12,862 ダウンロード

eu_cookies 1.1.2

A Rails solution to the European Cookie Law issue

12,762 ダウンロード

sprockets-vue 0.1.0

A Sprockets transformer that converts .vue file into js object.

12,654 ダウンロード

killbill-orbital 0.1.18

Kill Bill payment plugin for Orbital.

12,155 ダウンロード

foundation_form_builder 1.1.0

Rails FormBuilder for use with ZURB Foundation.

11,965 ダウンロード

content_for_once 0.1.5

Seems like `content_for`, content_for_once embed the HTML tags(especially, `javascript_...

11,668 ダウンロード

rubocop-shakr 0.6.0

Code style checking for Shakr Ruby repositories

11,048 ダウンロード

metazilla 1.4.0

Simple metatags and page titles for Rails.

10,873 ダウンロード

devise-onesignal 4.0.1

Implement user targeted cross-platform notifications with OneSignal & Devise in you...

10,174 ダウンロード

actionview-rev_manifest 0.2.2

Let Rails load rev-manifest.json generated by gulp-rev

10,168 ダウンロード

rubanok 0.3.0

Parameters-based transformation DSL

10,088 ダウンロード

napa_pagination 0.0.6

A simple pagination representer for Napa

9,856 ダウンロード

kono_utils 1.0.1

Gemma per che raccoglie varie tipologie di classi di utilità varia che possono servire ...

9,786 ダウンロード

order2cb 0.0.11

Basic WIP.

9,632 ダウンロード

sortabl 0.5.2

Check github repository for more in-depth information.

9,567 ダウンロード

mtl 1.1.10

Reusable components and Rails helpers on top of materialize-css and material-design-icons.

9,420 ダウンロード

easy_html_generator 1.0.6

This gem is a powerful and easy to use web development tool that helps developing moder...

9,393 ダウンロード

augit 0.0.6

Clean up your git branches

9,324 ダウンロード

logged 0.2.0

Better logging for rails

9,294 ダウンロード

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