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Reverse dependencies for aasm Latest version of the following gems require aasm

activeadmin_addons 1.7.1

Set of addons to help with the activeadmin ui

2,014,108 下載

circuit_breaker 1.1.2

CircuitBreaker is a relatively simple Ruby mixin that will wrap a call to a given serv...

291,025 下載

aasm-diagram 0.1.3

Automatically generate diagrams of AASM state machines.

199,071 下載

active_cart 0.0.18

You can use active_cart as the basis of a shopping cart system. It's not a shopping car...

154,870 下載

dorsale 3.18.0

Run your own business.

137,392 下載

rocketjob 5.4.1

Ruby's missing batch processing system.

119,351 下載

vesr 1.1.1

VESR provides support for ESR number calculations and gives ready to use Rails components.

86,416 下載

payola-payments 1.5.1

One-off and subscription payments for your Rails application

79,286 下載

naranya_ecm-sdk 0.0.63

Cliente Ruby de NaranyaEcm para aplicaciones cliente.

73,050 下載

cms-fortress 1.3.15

Comfortable Mexican Sofa (CMS) - User and role management extension

71,359 下載

branston 0.6.6

An agile user story tracker that generates gherkin files and step definitions for use w...

69,150 下載

stonepath 0.6.3

Stateful workflow modeling for Rails

49,579 下載

ecom_core 1.3.12

An engine which contains the core of a construction management app as a layer.

49,291 下載

erp_tech_svcs 4.2.0

This engine is implemented with the premise that services like logging, tracing and enc...

48,072 下載

rails_admin_aasm 0.3.0

Manage model's state with AASM and rails_admin

45,402 下載

notify_user 0.3.2

Drop-in solution for user notifications. Handles notifying by email, SMS and APNS, plus...

36,668 下載

plug 0.1.23

Rails engine that can plug/unplug features with notice (WIP)

32,140 下載

refinerycms-stores 0.1.0

Complete engine for Stripe gateway-based shopping cart to be used with a RefineryCMS pr...

31,384 下載

muck-commerce 3.0.1

Add ecommerce functionality to your muck project. This includes integration with Paypa...

30,718 下載

proclaim 0.6.6

Most Rails blogging tools include everything you could ever want, including things yo...

24,867 下載

graphviz_aasm 0.2.0

This gem patches AASM to be able to generate graphs using GraphViz.

23,241 下載

punto_pagos_rails 1.6.0

Rails engine to manager transactions using acidlabs's puntopagos-ruby gem

22,235 下載


The Forge CMS dependency gem.

21,906 下載

flyboy 1.1.0


18,688 下載

atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

16,943 下載

ulmul 0.5.3

"ULMUL" is an original Ultra Lightweight MarkUp Language. ULMUL texts can be conve...

16,434 下載

asyncapi-client 0.8.0

Asynchronous API communication

14,572 下載

binda 0.1.11

A modular CMS for Ruby on Rails 5 with an intuitive out-of-the-box interface to manage ...

14,521 下載

sbdevcart 0.0.7

Sbdev Shopping Cart

14,353 下載

aasm_history 0.1.3

Track and persist AASM state history

14,195 下載

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