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abacus_count 0.0.1

ActiveRecord::Base#count and other calculations as subqueries. Instead of nice Rails gr...

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abaddon 0.0.3

A gem that helps creating project templates.

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ab_admin 0.9.0

Simple and real-life tested Rails::Engine admin interface

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aba_generator 1.0.0

Used for generating ABA (Australian Banking Association) files.

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abaj_palindrome 0.2.0

Learn Enough Ruby Palindrome Detector

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abak-flow 1.1.1

Простой набор правил и комманд, заточеных для работы в git-flow с использование в качес...

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abak-selenium-integration 1.0.6

Integration gem for test automatisation based on page-object

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abalone 0.4.2

Simply exposes a login shell to a web browser. This is currently nowhere near to pr...

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abanalyzer 1.0.0

A/B test analysis library for Ruby

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abank 0.4.1

Arquiva movimentos conta-corrente, conta-cartao do activobank no bigquery. Permite apag...

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aba_numbers 0.0.1

Get a list of Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory

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abb 0.3.0

Generate abbreviations from words

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abba 0.1.0

Bayesian A/B Testing

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abbey 0.1.3

Primitive JSON data store. Key-value structure with namespaces.

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abbish_sequel_plugins 0.0.6

For more detail please visit

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abBleGatewaySdk 0.0.0

ab ble gateway

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abbrev 0.1.1

Calculates a set of unique abbreviations for a given set of strings

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abbreviated_methods 0.1.0

Just a fun little gem for playing with Ruby standard library class Abbrev. If you inclu...

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abbreviato 1.0.0

Truncate HTML to a specific bytesize, while keeping valid markup

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abbyy 0.2.1

A Ruby wrapper for the Abbyy Cloud OCR SDK API.

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abbyy-cloud 0.0.10

HTTP client to ABBYY Cloud API

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abbyy-ruby 0.2.2

A Ruby wrapper for the Abbyy Cloud OCR SDK API.

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An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

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An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

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An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

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An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

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abc_csv 0.0.1

The 'abc-csv' gem is a Ruby library that provides a simple and efficient way to generat...

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abcd 0.0.0

A simple hello world gem

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abcde-atthemovies 0.0.7

Scraper for

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abcde-at-the-movies 0.1.0

Scraper for

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