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aadil_view_tool 0.1.0

Provides generated HTML data for Rails application.

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aaet 0.1.0

A CLI to collect metadata about an applicaton on every run from the command line

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aaf-gumboot 2.6.3

Provides a set of shared specs and base generators to ensure that all AAF ruby applicat...

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aaf-lipstick 4.10.0

A gem for applying AAF branding to our services

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aaf-secure_headers 3.1.0

Base configuration for AAF Secure Headers

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aa_global_notifications 0.0.2

Easily send push notifications to all your mobile users from Active Admin

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aai 0.5.5

Calculate Seanie's amino acid similarity score between multiple genomes/bins.

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Fix error in mechanize

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aalib-ruby 0.7.1

a graphics context and input library for text terminals

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aam 0.0.12

Index reference to Japanese correspondence relation annotate_models

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aamax.amazing_game 0.0.1

game app built from pragmatic studio ruby course... nothing special here.

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aamva 0.2.0

Write a longer description or delete this line.

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a_a_n 0.2.6

Whenever you need assign an association by its attribute, like name, this gem comes to...

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aanand-deadweight 0.1.0

RCov for CSS

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aanand-merb_hoptoad_notifier 1.0.9

Merb plugin that provides hoptoad exception notification

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aanand-ruby-do-notation 0.2

Haskell-style monad do-notation for Ruby

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aa_parser 0.1.0

Parser fro AA

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aapis-gist 5.1.2

Provides a single function (Gist.gist) that uploads a gist.

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aap_test_gem 0.1.0

More information about the project goes here

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aaq 0.1.5

Create ascii art quine from image file

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aa-rails4 0.6.0

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails.

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aarch64 2.0.2

Tired of writing Ruby in Ruby? Now you can write ARM64 assembly in Ruby!

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aardvark 0.1.0

Coming soon

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aargs 0.1.3

“More what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.”

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aargvark 0.0.15

A simple, powerful argument parser for Ruby

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aarin 0.1.0

Make it easer to integrate with Aarin

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aaron 0.1.0

Randomized cron.

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aaronchi-jrails 0.5.1

Using jRails, you can get all of the same default Rails helpers for javascript function...

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aaronh-chronic 0.3.9

A natural language date parser with timezone support

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aaronp-frex 1.0.1

Frex is a fork of Rex. Rex is a lexical scanner generator. It is written in Ruby itself...

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