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azure_direct_upload 0.0.1

Upload multiple files directly from client browser to Azure Blob Storage.

1,599 下載

azure-documentdb-sdk 0.2.1

Lets interact with azure document db! This is a beta version of the ruby azure sdk.

17,032 下載

azure_enum 0.2.0

External enumeration toolkit to identify organisation relationships in Office 365.

519 下載

azure_event_grid 0.17.1

Microsoft Azure Event Grid Client Library for Ruby

4,964 下載

azure-fix 0.7.0.pre3

Microsoft Azure Client Library for Ruby

1,161 下載

azure_graph_rbac 0.17.1

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Graph Rbac Client Library for Ruby

640,828 下載

azure_jwt_auth 0.3.0

Easy way for Ruby applications to authenticate to Azure B2C/AD in order to access prote...

1,220 下載

azure_key_vault 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Key Vault Client Library for Ruby

21,637 下載

azure-key-vault 0.0.16

Ruby Client for Azure Key Vault

417 下載

azure-loganalytics-datacollector-api 0.1.2

Azure Log Analytics Data Collector API Ruby Client

5,378 下載

azure_media_service 0.3.0

Azure Media Service SDK for ruby

9,619 下載

azure_mgmt_advisor 0.17.0

Microsoft Azure Advisor Services Library for Ruby

170 下載

azure_mgmt_analysis_services 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Analysis Services Library for Ruby

10,173 下載

azure_mgmt_api_management 0.18.2

Microsoft Azure API Management Library for Ruby

5,297 下載

azure_mgmt_authorization 0.18.3

Microsoft Azure Role Based Authorization Management Client Library for Ruby

71,204 下載

azure_mgmt_automation 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Automation Services Library for Ruby

6,489 下載

azure_mgmt_batch 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Batch Management Client Library for Ruby

13,760 下載

azure_mgmt_billing 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Billing Services Library for Ruby

6,574 下載

azure_mgmt_cdn 0.17.3

Microsoft Azure CDN Management Client Library for Ruby

25,769 下載

azure_mgmt_cognitive_services 0.18.1

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Management Client Library for Ruby

13,775 下載

azure_mgmt_commerce 0.17.1

Microsoft Azure Commerce Management Client Library for Ruby

16,016 下載

azure_mgmt_compute 0.18.4

Microsoft Azure Compute Management Client Library for Ruby

1,785,922 下載

azure_mgmt_consumption 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Consumption Services Library for Ruby

6,524 下載

azure_mgmt_container_instance 0.17.4

Microsoft Azure Container Instance Services Library for Ruby

6,969 下載

azure_mgmt_container_registry 0.18.1

Microsoft Azure Container Registry Services Library for Ruby

7,425 下載

azure_mgmt_container_service 0.18.3

Microsoft Azure Container Service Management Client Library for Ruby

6,544 下載

azure_mgmt_customer_insights 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Customer Insights Services Library for Ruby

6,525 下載

azure_mgmt_datalake_analytics 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Resource Provider DataLake Analytics Client Library for Ruby

12,938 下載

azure_mgmt_datalake_store 0.17.2

Microsoft Azure Resource Provider DataLake Store Client Library for Ruby

16,202 下載

azure_mgmt_data_migration 0.17.1

Microsoft Azure Data Migration Services Library for Ruby

579 下載