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aws_sms 0.5.0

A simple wrapper for sending SMS via AWS SNS

3,018 下载

aws_sns_kit 0.0.2

Easy integration for AWS SNS.

11,430 下载

aws_sns_manager 0.0.1

Utility for Amazon Simple Notification Service

9,354 下载

aws_sns_publisher 0.0.0

publishing sns via http.

3,267 下载

aws_sns_subscription 1.0.4

Easy confirmation of Amazon SNS subscription requests in Rails apps

19,774 下载

aws-spec-etl 0.1.5

Refactor tests generated by awspec generate tool in order to make them more generic. i....

1,485 下载

aws-spec-generator 0.2.7

Wrapper for awspec generate

11,481 下载

aws_sqs_moniter 0.0.6

AWS SQS Moniter.

7,565 下载

awsssh 3.1.1

This will connects you with an EC2 instace

15,812 下载

aws_ssh 0.1.7

Autogenerates an SSH config file built from and AWS environment

12,498 下载

aws-ssh 1.2.0

A tool that makes easy to ssh into AWS EC2 servers

5,307 下载

aws_ssh_key 0.1.0

Library to manage ssh keys stored in AWS encrypted parameter store

725 下载

aws-ssh-resolver 0.0.4

Update OpenSSH config file to map EC2 instance name in CloudFormation to DNS-name on ...

3,755 下载

aws-ssm-console 0.2.3


4,737 下载

aws-ssm-env 0.1.1

Set parameters acquired from AWS EC2 Parameter Store as environment variables.

159,036 下载

awsstack 0.2.2

AWS stack handling helper script.

1,191 下载

aws_stack_builder 0.1.0

Gem to create the cloud formation files do create the ROR app stack on AWS

403 下载

aws_status 1.0.3

Retrieve status of aws services

4,362 下载

aws_student_accounts 0.2.0

Manage student AWS accounts in bulk

3,299 下载

aws-study-guide 0.0.1

A helpful gem for gathering resources for studying for AWS certfication.

825 下载

aws_su 0.1.8

Developed for a specific use case: User has an AWS id in a master account and wants to ...

2,475 下载

awssume 1.0.1

This is a gem for assuming an AWS IAM role and using the returned temporary credentials...

51,913 下载

aws-swf 0.1.8

light framework for creating AWS Simple Workflow applications in Ruby.

19,319 下载

aws-tasks 0.1.0

AWS helper tasks for DB and such

1,792 下载

aws_test_dump 0.2.0

simple script for dumping and restoring aws test data for local testing

3,362 下载

aws_tickwork 1.0.2

A scheduling utility dirven by Cloudwatch Events, via SNS, to Rails using Tickwork as t...

3,789 下载

awstool 0.2.3

This will launch new instances, set up dns via route53, install puppet, and set facts.

5,583 下载

awstools 0.0.1

Right now, only snapshots.rb, creates and deletes snapshots

3,627 下载

aws_tools 0.0.2

A library to help simplify common AWS tasks.

7,376 下载

aws-tools 0.0.5

This package is intended to simplify the interface to the aws sdk for ruby.

4,838 下载