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avro-jruby 1.7.5

Avro is a data serialization and RPC format

2,804 下载

avrolution 0.6.1

Support for the evolution of Avro schemas stored in a schema registry.

8,102 下载

avro_machine 0.0.1

EventMachine server for Avro

2,096 下载

avromatic 2.2.3

Generate Ruby models from Avro schemas

1,435,357 下载

avro-patches 1.0.1

Patches for the official Apache Avro Ruby implementation

1,520,883 下载

avro_pinions 1.0.0

Opinionated way to use AVRO in Ruby

644 下载

avro-registered-schema-decoder 0.1.1

Provides a decoder for messages encoded as "prefixed Avro", where the binary Avro encod...

2,667 下载

avro-resolution_canonical_form 0.2.1

Unique identification of Avro schemas for schema resolution

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Avro is a data serialization and RPC format. This release contains the changes submitte...

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avro_schema_registry-client 0.3.0

Client for the avro-schema-registry app

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avro_turf 0.11.0

A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby

1,765,994 下载

avro_turf_enchanced 0.7.4

A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby

1,899 下载

avro_utils 0.3.0

A gem to convert different data format to avro

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avro-wrapper 0.0.2

Wrapper for Avro

3,878 下载

avrubykit 0.2

Ruby utility libraries

6,899 下载

avrupload 0.1.0

avrupload enforces certain TTY settings before uploading hex files using avrdude

736 下载

a_vs_an 0.1.0

Library to determine the indefinite article of words.

9,604 下载

avsd 0.0.3

Avsd recommends items based on input items.

2,800 下载

avski-common-utils 0.1.4

Centering my tools

3,051 下载

avst-cloud 0.1.37

Automated creation, bootstrapping and provisioning of servers

23,170 下载

avst_multi_logger 0.0.2

Extends ruby logger, adds multiple sources and log summary

1,994 下载

avst-wizard 0.0.43


14,482 下载

avv2word 1.1.33

Convert avv to word docx document.

11,926 下载

avvo_api 0.2.1

An ActiveResource client to the Avvo API

11,935 下载

aw 0.1.11

Creates a subprocess to execute a block inside.

7,346 下载

awais_palindrome 0.1.0

Learn Enough Ruby Palindrome Detector

463 下载

await 0.1.0

Implements the await/defer pattern for event-driven or asynchronous Ruby

3,295 下载

awaiter 0.1.0

The wrapper for Threads like a async/await in C#

764 下载

await_rb 0.2.0

Simply Ruby gem to execute tasks once a service has started.

595 下载

awallis-ri_cal 0.8.8

A new Ruby implementation of RFC2445 iCalendar. The existing Ruby iCalendar libraries ...

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