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awssume 1.0.1

This is a gem for assuming an AWS IAM role and using the returned temporary credentials...

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aws-swf 0.1.8

light framework for creating AWS Simple Workflow applications in Ruby.

19,137 下载

aws-tasks 0.1.0

AWS helper tasks for DB and such

1,757 下载

aws_test_dump 0.2.0

simple script for dumping and restoring aws test data for local testing

3,067 下载

aws_tickwork 1.0.2

A scheduling utility dirven by Cloudwatch Events, via SNS, to Rails using Tickwork as t...

3,655 下载

awstool 0.2.3

This will launch new instances, set up dns via route53, install puppet, and set facts.

5,369 下载

awstools 0.0.1

Right now, only snapshots.rb, creates and deletes snapshots

3,592 下载

aws_tools 0.0.2

A library to help simplify common AWS tasks.

7,316 下载

aws-tools 0.0.5

This package is intended to simplify the interface to the aws sdk for ruby.

4,730 下载

aws_tracker 0.0.4

This gem DEPRECATED - see the cloud_cost_tracker gem

11,472 下载

aws-transcoder-rails 0.0.1

AWS Elastic Transcoder Rails Library

446 下载

awsudo 2.0.0

awsudo enables users to execute commands that make API calls to AWS under the security ...

15,839 下载

awsum 0.5.4

A library for working with Amazon Web Services in the most natural rubyish way

15,611 下载

aws_upload 0.0.1

This gem offers a helper method to build a form HTML to upload directry to Amazon S3 st...

1,752 下载

aws-url 0.2.0

A minimum-viable URL builder for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

8,210 下载

awsutils 2.2.2

A set of tools for interacting with AWS

13,680 下载

aws-utils 1.1.9

A collection of utilities for use on AWS

6,355 下载

aws-vpccreate 0.0.1

AWS VPC object creator

2,830 下载

aws-vpc-manager 0.0.0


1,448 下载

aws-watcher 0.3.1

AWS Watcher tracks EC2 instances being started to ensure they bootstrap to chef

1,789 下载

aws-whitepaper-downloader 0.1.3

Downloading all aws whitepapers by 1 command

2,077 下载

aws-xray 0.37.2

The unofficial X-Ray Tracing SDK for Ruby.

68,296 下载

aws-xray-sdk 0.11.2

The AWS X-Ray SDK for Ruby enables Ruby developers to record and emit information from ...

101,764 下载

aws_xregion_sync 0.1

Sync EC2 AMIs and RDS Snapshots across AWS regions as part of your Disaster Recovery pl...

2,395 下载

awt 0.0.3

Awt is cli tool for system administration.

6,293 下载

aw-trix_rails 1.1.0

A gem that wraps trix editor for Rails assets pipeline

957 下载

awx 0.6.10

An abstraction layer built around the AWS-cli (written in Ruby).

3,651 下载

ax 0.0.1

A simple CLI parser

2,046 下载

axe 0.0.2

axe is a command line utility that makes parsing logs easy as you develop.

7,843 下载

axebomber 0.1.2

Excel parser for Hogan-style

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