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averell23-assit 0.1.2

Lightweight library that provides easy-to-use runtime assertions for Ruby

4,101 下载

averell23-bj 1.0.2

Special version for JRuby compatibility. Backgroundjob (Bj) is a brain dead simple zero...

2,342 下载

averell23-gokdok 0.1.2

Allows you to automatically push your RDoc documentation to GitHub.

4,130 下载

averell23-systemu 1.2.0

Special version for JRuby compatibility

2,431 下载

averell23-watchdogger 0.2.1

A small flexible watchdog system to monitor servers.

14,722 下载

averell-exception_notification 1.0.20110124

Gemified exception_notification rails plugin, compatible with Rails 2.3.5 with RailsXss

7,551 下载

aversion 0.0.1

Manage the version number for your application

3,420 下载

avertasks 0.2.0

To use it, we only need placed tasks in taskqueue and wait it, like download many files...

998 下载

avetmiss_data 0.0.1

Parsing and building AVETMISS files

2,497 下载

avgbm 0.0.1

Adds Benchmark.avgbm method, that discards highest/lowest times and averages the remain...

2,027 下载

avgrund_to 0.0.2

Wraps hakim's awesome Avgrund reimagining of the modal window into a Rails Engine

6,069 下载

avh4-rbiphonetest 0.3.0

Want to write iPhone unit tests? Want to write them in Ruby?

2,344 下载

av_hand_dryer 0.1.0

This gem helps to dry your hands right from the terminal.

1,126 下载

avi 0.0.1

Shit Avi Says!

3,031 下载

aviary 1.0.2

Aviary generates a static photo gallery using Twitter

7,022 下载

aviateur 0.1.1

get flightdata from panasonic flight WiFi system.

938 下载

aviator 0.3.1

A lightweight Ruby library for the OpenStack API

26,944 下载

aviator_session_pool 0.0.1

A library for managing multiple Aviator sessions

2,829 下载

aviglitch 0.1.5

A Ruby library to destroy your AVI files.

33,949 下载

av-ip 0.0.0

A simple ruby wrapper for quick ip geolocation

1,194 下载

avira_update_mirrors 0.1.0

Avira update mirrors

3,618 下载

avi_says 0.1.0

Shit Avi Says!

12,202 下载

avi_says_shit 0.0.5

Shit Avi Says!

11,597 下载

avito 0.0.1

Gem for working with avito service

3,307 下载

aviz-sonic-rbapi 0.0.0

REST Client Library for programming Aviz Networks SONIC network devices using Ruby

568 下载

avl_tree 1.2.1

AVL tree, Red black tree and Lock-free Red black tree in Ruby

3,460,386 下载

avm_client 1.0.1

This is api client library for AVM (automated valuation machine) -

1,916 下载

avm-tools 0.87.0

Tools for AVM.

56,162 下载

avmtrf1-tools 0.31.2

Ferramentas para AVM-TRF1.

26,012 下载

avmuresan-product_api 0.1.0

Much longer explanation of the example!

2,963 下载