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aws_keys 0.1.0

Read the aws keys from Env, yml file, ~/aws/credentials

1,825 下载

aws-keys 0.1.1

Read the aws keys from Env, yml file, ~/aws/credentials

3,036 下载

aws-kicker 0.0.7

Utility for kicking an application stack into life on Amazon EC2

11,589 下载

awskit 0.1.2

Generates an AWS DevOps toolkit.

3,614 下载

aws-lambda-runner 2.0.0

Trigger AWS Lambda functions without deploying to AWS

26,380 下载

awslanes 0.1.2

Manage "lanes" of AWS machines, according to [principle here]

10,852 下载

awslist 3.0.0

Filter instances according to your choices

3,965 下载

aws_log_cleaner 0.2.1

Cleans all logs in AWS that contain a search term in the log group name. Also searches ...

4,700 下载

aws-logs 0.3.4

Tail AWS CloudWatch Logs

1,496 下载

awsm 0.2.6

If you work with AWS, then Awsm wants to help make your life easier. Spin up/down ad-ho...

15,502 下载

aws-manager 0.0.0


1,479 下载

aws-mason 0.0.2

aws-mason is a tool that will allow you to create easily usable stacks within AWS. It b...

2,387 下载

aws_memfix 0.3.1

Fixes ruby 2.2.x StringIO memory leaks for AWS Seahorse client

21,501 下载

aws_metadata 0.3.0

Gem to provide the Instance Metadata and Cloud Formation template outputs.

19,945 下载

aws-metadata-export 0.2.0

Exports AWS EC2 Instance metadata and tags to files

3,202 下载

aws-mfa 0.3.2

Run AWS commands with MFA

46,115 下载

aws-mfa-secure 0.4.0

Adds MFA Support to AWS CLI and Ruby SDKs for normal IAM user

9,681 下载

aws_minecraft 0.1.0

Provisions an EC2. Uploads a world, and deploys it.

1,039 下载

aws-must 0.0.14

aws-must is a tool, which allows separating infrastructure configuration and Amazon rel...

12,677 下载

aws-must-templates 0.2.4

Set of extensible templates for [aws-must]( tool to ...

9,181 下载

awsnap 0.0.2

AWSnap signs your AWS requests for you. No request processing, no response handling, no...

3,504 下载

awsom 0.1.0

Aws IaC dsl

711 下载

awsome 0.0.64

AWS library targeted specifically for continuous integration.

119,078 下载

aws_onchange 1.0.4

Check easily change on models, and run action

19,589 下载

aws_one_click_staging 0.1.2

When setup with the proper credentials, this gem sets up a staging instance of all the ...

11,282 下载

aws-opsworks_cssh 0.0.2

CSSH into all OpsWorks instances specified by a stack name

1,989 下载

aws-partitions 1.266.0

Provides interfaces to enumerate AWS partitions, regions, and services.

69,759,964 下载

awspec 1.18.3

RSpec tests for your AWS resources.

605,205 下载

aws_pipes 0.0.6

Send messages between Amazon EC2 instances through Unix pipes.

14,733 下载

aws_pocketknife 0.1.27

Have you ever find yourself going through the aws cli documentation page over and over ...

11,587 下载