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Reverse dependencies for tinder Latest version of the following gems require tinder

rack-campfire 0.0.3

Rack middleware to facilitate Campfire control via a Rack application

5,942 下載

deploy-recipes 0.0.2

Collection of capistrano deploy recipes

5,542 下載

spanx 0.3.0

Real time IP parsing and rate detection gem for access_log files

5,440 下載

campfire 0.0.5

Command line interface for campfire

5,413 下載

groundcontrol 0.0.2

Groundcontrol powers test builds for Rails projects

5,336 下載

joshuapinter-cijoe 0.9.5

cijoe is a sinatra-based continuous integration server. It's like an old rusty pickup...

4,975 下載

campystrano 0.0.3

Adds before and after deploy hooks that announce a deploy's start and success in a Camp...

4,379 下載

fitzcamping 0.0.2

Command line utility for posting campfire notifications

3,962 下載

defunkt-integrity-campfire 1.0.1

Easily let Integrity alert Campfire after each build

3,754 下載

glennr-cijoe 0.4.3

CI Joe is a simple Continuous Integration server.

3,587 下載

bpci 0.0.1

*** bpci is a *fork* of cijoe ( *** cijoe is a si...

3,486 下載

integrity-campfire 1.2.0

Easily let Integrity alert Campfire after each build

3,347 下載

campfire-say 0.0.1

Post to Campfire from the command line

3,288 下載

twitter2campfire 0.1.0

found this code here: []. I just gemified it.

3,173 下載

transporter-campfire 0.1

Deliver messages to your Campfire room

3,081 下載

campfire_chat 0.0.1

Monitor a campfire room for messages to notify via growl

2,925 下載

moneypenny 0.0.1

Moneypenny is a chat bot.

2,877 下載

qless-campfire 0.9.1

Get Campfire notifications for jobs you're tracking in your qless queue.

2,797 下載

robby 0.0.1

Robby is a Ruby-based Campfire bot, inspired by Hubot.

2,762 下載

dereno 0.1.1

Deployments release notes sent via email with Git commits / Pivotal Tracker stories and...

2,653 下載

capistrano3-campfire 0.1.0

Simple Campfire notifications for Capistrano 3

2,647 下載

exception_notification_more_info 1.0.1

Exception notification for Rails apps(+ More Info!)

2,466 下載

bdainton-camptweet 0.8.0

A simple daemon that polls for updated Twitter statuses and posts them to a Campfire room.

2,454 下載

hut 0.0.1

Terminal campfire client

2,425 下載

tinybot 0.0.1

Tinybot is a bot for 37signals' Campfire

2,248 下載

defunkt-integrity-email 1.0.0

Easily let Integrity alert Campfire after each build

2,174 下載

underlog-campfire-cli 0.0.1

Campfire-cli is a simple command line interface to 37signals campfire product.

2,026 下載

jeremydurham-integrity-campfire 1.0.2

Easily let Integrity alert Campfire after each build

1,962 下載

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