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Description of EspAuth.

74.860 Descargas

jekyll-lunr-js-search 3.3.0

Use lunr.js to provide simple full-text search, using JavaScript in your browser, for y...

70.692 Descargas

evil_icons 1.10.1

Evil Icons is a set of SVG icons designed extensively for using in modern web projects

70.456 Descargas

virgo 0.3.17

Virgo is a comprehensive team blogging tool for Ruby on Rails

69.307 Descargas

local_pac 0.10.2

This gem helps you to serve proxy.pacs locallly

68.638 Descargas

reactive-record 0.8.3

Access active-record models inside Reactrb components. Model data is calculated during...

65.745 Descargas

twbs_less_rails 2.20.0

Provides assets for Bootstrap and FontAwesome in your Rails application.

65.543 Descargas

ecm_pictures 0.0.21

Provides picture galleries for active admin.

64.207 Descargas

esp-permissions 0.1.0

Description of EspPermissions.

58.789 Descargas

reactive-ruby 0.7.41

Write React UI components in pure Ruby.

57.674 Descargas

thecore_api 1.5.12

The base of all the apis.

57.633 Descargas

everqueen 1.1.1

Run QUnit JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications.

56.882 Descargas

arcabouco 0.2.16

Arcabouco WebApp Framework

56.689 Descargas

almanac 0.9.2

Almanac is the most elegant mountable blog engine that can be easily hooked up in the e...

55.958 Descargas

boojs 0.0.32

A unix tool to execute javascript on a headless browser

55.615 Descargas

dependence 0.0.99

An easy way to handle your client side javascript dependencies

52.108 Descargas

ice 0.5.1

User templates written in javascript

52.035 Descargas

talk 2.3.9

A lightweight language for specifying protocol contracts. Compiles to source in Java, C...

52.033 Descargas

exvo_globalize 0.6.0

It exposes `/globalize/translations.json` with JSON of all translations in the app

51.366 Descargas

twitter_cldr_js 3.2.0

Provides date, time, number, and list formatting functionality for various Twitter-supp...

50.564 Descargas

easy_reports 0.0.27

Rails engine for interactive charts for rails apps.

48.845 Descargas

construi 0.41.0

Build tool using Docker to specify build environment

48.738 Descargas


twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 3.1 Asset Pi...

46.129 Descargas

jader 0.0.10

Share your Jade views between client and server, eliminate code duplication and make yo...

41.884 Descargas

json-bloomfilter 0.1.5

A bloomfilter implementation in both Ruby and Javascript that can be serialised to and ...

40.488 Descargas

slinky 0.8.3

A static file server for rich web apps that automatically compiles SASS, HAML, CoffeeSc...

40.324 Descargas

get_them_all 1.1.4

Mass downloader useable as standalone or as a library

39.880 Descargas

rake-pipeline-web-filters 0.7.0

A collection of web filters for rake-pipeline

39.223 Descargas

mno-enterprise-frontend 3.4.0

Angular/Bootstrap frontend for MNOE

39.095 Descargas

rake-minify 0.4.0

A rake task to minify javascripts and coffeescripts

38.001 Descargas

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