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Dependencias inversas para therubyracer Latest version of the following gems require therubyracer

twitter-bootstrap-rails 5.0.0

twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 7, 6, 5, 4.x...

7.302.347 Descargas

zxcvbn-js 4.4.3

Ruby port of Dropboxs zxcvbn.js

1.223.939 Descargas

padrino-admin 0.15.1

Admin View for Padrino applications

1.078.268 Descargas

eslint-rails 1.3.0

A Rails wrapper for ESLint.

966.593 Descargas

handlebars 0.8.0

Uses the actual JavaScript implementation of Handlebars, but supports using Ruby object...

812.369 Descargas

json5 0.0.1

JSON5 parser in Ruby

510.347 Descargas

wice_grid 4.1.0

A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and filters generated aut...

418.900 Descargas

evergreen 1.2.0

Run Jasmine JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications.

291.633 Descargas

woople-theme 0.10.0

All Front-End all the Time

289.426 Descargas

jshint 1.5.0

It achieves this by linting your code through a library called JSHint which catches mos...

261.716 Descargas

fanforce-plugin-factory 1.6.1

Everything needed to setup a new plugin on Fanforce

212.115 Descargas

kumogata 0.5.12

A tool for AWS CloudFormation. It can define a template in Ruby DSL.

208.413 Descargas

mobvious-rails 0.1.2

Rails enhancements for rendering different content for different device types

199.026 Descargas

fanforce-app-factory 1.7.1

Everything needed to setup a new app on Fanforce

196.615 Descargas


This is a gem for Rails with Semantic UI assets inside.

195.559 Descargas

bookbindery 10.1.17

A command line utility to be run in Book repositories to stitch together their constitu...

170.895 Descargas

kaui 2.1.0

Rails UI plugin for Killbill administration.

164.449 Descargas

smalruby-editor 0.4.2

The smalruby-editor is a visual programming editor that can create aRuby script by comb...

154.258 Descargas

flok 0.0.105

Flok is a cross-platform application framework system that exports javascript files

146.853 Descargas

middleman-search 0.10.0

LunrJS-based search for Middleman

137.589 Descargas

burp_cms 1.7.1

A CMS that tries hard to not get in your way!

132.040 Descargas

genghisapp 2.3.11

Genghis is a single-file MongoDB admin app, made entirely out of awesome.

116.437 Descargas


twitter-bootswatch-rails gem integrates TWBS Bootstrap for Rails Asset Pipeline with le...

114.476 Descargas

firehose 1.3.6

Firehose is a realtime web application toolkit for building realtime Ruby web applicati...

113.643 Descargas

mochiscript 0.6.16

Javascript Dessert

94.389 Descargas

sensu-dashboard 0.10.4

A web interface for Sensu, a monitoring framework that aims to be simple, malleable, an...

83.417 Descargas

locomotivecms_mounter 1.5.8

Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an ...

82.684 Descargas


Rails + React + Backbone + magic

79.648 Descargas

krikri 0.15.2

Metadata aggregation and enrichment for cultural heritage institutions.

79.235 Descargas

eac_rails_base0 0.60.0

A Rails base for multiple Rails projects developed by Esquilo Azul Company.

79.138 Descargas

Total de descargas 51.272.253

Para esta versión 26.339.946

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