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test-kitchen 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require test-kitchen

sensu-plugins-http 6.1.0

This plugin provides native HTTP instrumentation for moni...

5,111,826 下载

sensu-plugins-load-checks 5.1.0

This plugin provides native load instrumentation for moni...

4,325,011 下载

kitchen-docker 2.13.0

A Docker Driver for Test Kitchen

3,015,314 下载

kitchen-vagrant 1.12.1

Kitchen::Driver::Vagrant - A Vagrant Driver for Test Kitchen.

2,733,143 下载

kitchen-inspec 2.6.1

A Test Kitchen Verifier for InSpec

2,209,810 下载

kitchen-ec2 3.13.0

A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

1,621,227 下载

kitchen-dokken 2.17.3

A Test Kitchen Driver for Docker & Chef Infra optimized for rapid testing using Chef In...

984,858 下载

kitchen-sync 2.2.1

Improved file transfers for for test-kitchen

977,662 下载

sensu-plugins-logs 4.1.1

This plugin provides native log instrumentation for monit...

967,947 下载

sensu-plugins-redis 5.0.0

This plugin provides native Redis instrumentation for mon...

954,542 下载

sensu-plugins-elasticsearch 4.2.2

This plugin provides native ElasticSearch instrumentation ...

911,904 下载

kitchen-ansible 0.56.0

== DESCRIPTION: Ansible Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: Supports running a...

911,444 下载

sensu-plugins-docker 4.0.0

This plugin provides native Docker instrumentation for mo...

655,763 下载

kitchen-ansiblepush 0.10.1

== DESCRIPTION: Ansible push Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: Supports runn...

632,825 下载

kitchen-google 2.3.0

A Test-Kitchen driver for Google Compute Engine

572,129 下载

sensu-plugins-dns 3.0.0

This plugin provides native DNS instrumentation for monit...

498,878 下载

kitchen-salt 0.7.2

salt provisioner for test-kitchen so that you can test all the things

493,190 下载

kitchen-puppet 3.6.0

== DESCRIPTION: Puppet Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: Supports pupp...

478,183 下载

sensu-plugins-postfix 2.0.0

This plugin provides native Postfix instrumentation for m...

376,147 下载

kitchen-verifier-serverspec 0.7.2

Serverspec verifier for Test-Kitchen without having to transit the Busser layer.

332,801 下载

kitchen-openstack 6.2.0

A Test Kitchen OpenStack Nova driver

282,282 下载

kitchen-terraform 6.1.0

kitchen-terraform is a set of Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configuration

268,973 下载

kitchen-digitalocean 0.14.2

A Test Kitchen Driver for Digital Ocean

214,795 下载

linecook-gem 0.7.36

Build and snapshot a system image for distribution, CI, or both using real chef cookboo...

176,479 下载

kitchen-azurerm 1.10.5

Test Kitchen driver for the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API

157,980 下载

kitchen-docker_cli 0.19.0

A Test Kitchen Driver(and Transport) for Docker native CLI

129,427 下载

kitchen-transport-rsync 0.1.2

Additional Test kitchen transport using rsync

126,362 下载

kitchen-verifier-awspec 0.2.0

Awspec verifier for Test-Kitchen

111,086 下载

kitchen-transport-speedy 0.1.3

Fast transport for test-kitchen using archiving

109,468 下载

sensu-plugins-opsgenie 5.1.0

Sensu plugins for Opsgenie

107,152 下载

下载总次数 6,692,861

这个版本 7,857

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.6