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cucumber 7.1.0

Behaviour Driven Development with elegance and joy

48,273,272 下載

newgem 1.5.3

Quickly bundle any Ruby libraries into a RubyGem and share it with the world, your coll...

338,999 下載

watir-classic 4.3.0

WATIR is "Web Application Testing in Ruby". Watir (pronounced water) is a free, ope...

275,977 下載

mediawiki_selenium 1.8.1

Several MediaWiki extensions share code that makes it easy to run Selenium tests. This ...

172,991 下載

watirsplash 2.4.4

WatirSplash makes testing of web applications splashin' easy by combining best features...

103,524 下載

pretty_face 0.10.3

HTML Report/Formatter for cucumber that allows user to modify erb in order to customize.

100,710 下載

zena 1.2.8

zena is a Ruby on Rails CMS (content managment system) with a focus on usability, ease...

80,138 下載

mediawiki-selenium 0.1.21

DEPRECATED: please use mediawiki_selenium gem instead. Several MediaWiki extensions sha...

73,977 下載

chemistrykit 3.10.1

Merged various pull requests including subfolders in beaker directory

70,080 下載

bud 0.9.9

A prototype of the Bloom distributed programming language as a Ruby DSL.

52,309 下載

bdd-legacy 0.0.15

Allows for use of feature driven testing of legacy (especially sql server) applications.

49,384 下載

releaf 2.1.2

Administration interface for Ruby on Rails

41,729 下載

racked 1.0.3

Allows you to manage your rackspace hosted mailboxes, eg. create a new mailbox.

38,360 下載

git-precommit 1.3.0

A set of rake tasks that install git pre-commit hooks to run your tests. If your bu...

36,091 下載

rails-toolkit 8.04.1

The Rails toolkit is a bunch of dependencies that pulls in all the gems typically used ...

30,941 下載

cuukie 0.3.1

A drop-in replacement for the "cucumber" command. It shows running features on a web page.

29,982 下載

timesheet 0.3.0

Timesheet is simple ruby application for tracking time spent on projects. It is a conso...

27,099 下載

html_routes 1.1

Generate a syntax highligthed HTML file from your Rails routes.

24,622 下載

kaya 0.0.14

You can run your cucumber suites easily, save and see the execution results

21,681 下載

squash 0.0.8

This gem generates scaffold for Squashes - stand-alone Cucumber applications to test we...

20,486 下載

rails_bridge 0.0.11

Allows for easy embedding of content from a remote HTTP server and exporting of the Rai...

18,729 下載

docter 1.1.3

We has docs

17,514 下載

mappum 0.2.4

Mappum is the tree to tree (object, bean etc.) mapping DSL.

16,967 下載

rog 0.1.5

Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified i...

16,923 下載

rspec-requestable-examples 0.1.6

Let's you include specific examples from shared example sets.

16,919 下載

amos 0.0.4

A simple server that determines the model and action data based upon the incoming url.

15,753 下載

nandoc 0.0.5

Generate a static site to document your ruby project from your README and other markdow...

15,074 下載

moft 1.0.5

Moft is a simple, static site generator. A fork of jekyll, designed for greater simplic...

14,720 下載

rscout 0.0.8

Integration tests with Rspec

14,541 下載

ssoroka-grepmate 2.0.5

Extremely fast search of rails projects or rails source for code, open in textmate or b...

13,207 下載

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