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shrine 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require shrine

shrine-memory 0.3.1

Provides in-memory storage for Shrine.

610,100 下载

uppy-s3_multipart 1.2.0

Provides a Rack application that implements endpoints for the AwsS3Multipart Uppy plugin.

276,152 下载

shrine-google_cloud_storage 3.2.0

Provides Google Cloud Storage storage for Shrine.

170,292 下载

shrine-url 2.4.1

Provides a fake storage which allows you to create a Shrine attachment defined only by ...

136,548 下载

rails_admin_settings 1.7.0

Mongoid / ActiveRecord + RailsAdmin App Settings management

126,185 下载

shrine-mongoid 1.0.0

Provides Mongoid integration for Shrine.

117,682 下载

sibu 1.0.18

Sibu is an engine for Ruby on Rails that enables creation of static websites in a simpl...

84,997 下载

imgproxy 2.0.1

A gem that easily generates imgproxy URLs for your images

73,393 下载

shrine-fog 2.0.1

Provides Fog storage for Shrine.

70,996 下载

shrine-cloudinary 1.1.1

Provides Cloudinary storage for Shrine.

67,939 下载

shrine-tus 2.1.1

Provides storage and plugin for easier integration between Shrine and tus-ruby-server.

49,715 下载

cortex-plugins-core 3.2.0

The combined set of Core FieldTypes for the Cortex CMS platform

47,078 下载

shrine-imgix 0.5.2

Provides Imgix integration for Shrine.

43,095 下载

shrine-transloadit 1.0.1

Provides Transloadit integration for Shrine.

39,780 下载

lanes 0.8.3

Lanes is a framework for writing single page web applications. It's a full stack frame...

35,636 下载

shrine-reform 0.1.4

Provides Reform integration for Shrine.

34,221 下载

shrine-webdav 0.2.3

Provides a simple WebDAV storage for Shrine.

21,224 下载

hanami-shrine 0.4.1

Support for Shrine gem in Hanami framework

19,875 下载

shrine-gridfs 1.0.1

Provides MongoDB's GridFS storage for Shrine.

17,313 下载

shrine-sql 2.2.0

Provides SQL database storage for Shrine.

16,629 下载

shrine-flickr 2.0.0

Provides Flickr storage for Shrine.

14,433 下载

kithe 2.3.0

Shareable tools/components for building a digital collections app in Rails.

13,601 下载

shrine-google_drive_storage 0.4.4

Provides Google Drive Storage for Shrine.

11,590 下载

thecore_settings 2.0.6

Mongoid / ActiveRecord + RailsAdmin App Settings management

10,572 下载

shrine-storage-you_tube 0.4.0

Provides YouTube storage for the Shrine file upload framework.

10,412 下载

hippo-fw 0.9.9

Hippo is a framework for writing single page web applications. It's a full stack frame...

9,299 下载

valkyrie-shrine 0.5.0

Shrine storage adapter for Valkyrie

8,193 下载

shrine-color 0.3.1

Return the dominant color of an image in Shrine.

7,485 下载

shrine-redis 1.0.2

Redis storage interface for Shrine.

7,048 下载

shrine-uploadcare 1.0.0

Provides Uploadcare storage for Shrine.

6,566 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3